Top 10 Places to Witness the Spring Flowers at Their Best

    India is a vast country that has so many amazing places for you to visit. Each place is unique and distinct in some way or other. 10 ultimate places where you can see amazing spring flowers are described below.

    10 ultimate places for spring flowers

    • Keukenhof Gardens [Holland]

    If you want to witness some beautiful Tulips at their best, you should visit Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. This place is specifically open for only eight weeks during spring. Along with Tulip, you will also be able to witness other natural beautiful flowers such as Irises, Roses, Lilies, and Daffodils.

    • Medellin [Colombia]

    This place is also known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring.’ Every August, Medellin overflows with flowers to celebrate Feira de Las Flores [also known as Flower Festival] for ten days. Here, you will witness a wide range of natural beautiful flowers.

    • FProvence [France]

    If you are a lover of Lavender, then Provence in France is the one place to visit for you. The view is breathtaking with the endless horizons of purple. During spring, the wind of this place has a calming aura with the lavender-scented wind. In warm months, the South of France is the best place to visit.

    • Perth [Western Australia]

    It is the best place to see a diverse range of flowers bloom in spring. More than 12 thousand species of wildflowers will mesmerize you with their colors and calming scent. In Perth, Kings Park is a botanical garden that contains more than 3,000 rare flowers with a view of the Indian Ocean.

    • M’Goun Valley [Morocco]

    Best place to witness tons of roses during spring. More than 3 to 4,000 tons of flowers are collected from this place, and to celebrate this success of the harvest, the festival of roses is celebrated for three days. Damask Rose is the specialty of this place.

    • Lake District National Park [England]

    Bluebell, the name itself, reminds us of our childhood fairy tales and some mystic environment. If you want to witness and feel these feelings in real life, you should visit Lake District National Park in England. The experience of walking down the beaten path of Bluebell woods is fantastic and filled with a magical aura.

    • Andalusia [Spain]

    The citrus is in the air of the South of Spain during spring, and the blossoming orange trees are the natural air fresheners. Also, to witness the best flowers bloom in spring, you should visit Maria Luisa Park in Seville and Carmen de Los Martires in Granada. Courtyard Festival and Cordoba’s Fiesta de Los Patios are also the key attractions.

    • Cape Floristic Region [South Africa]

    It is one of the biodiversity hotspots of UNESCO. 30% of plants in this place cannot be found anywhere else, so it is the best place to visit to witness spring bloom flowers. The top attractions of this place are The De Hoop Nature Reserve and Table Mountain National Park.

    • Valley of Flowers National Park [India]

    The Valley of Flowers is located on the border of two beautiful places in India, Nepal, and Tibet. In July, the best time to visit this place is right after the monsoon. The name of 5 flowers that bloom in the spring season and the main attractions of this place are Orchids, Primulas, Poppies, Marigolds, and Daisies.

    • Lake Tekapo [New Zealand]

    The view of vast and vibrant Lupins alongside the lakeshores is the charm of this place. The color of Lupins, red, purple, and white, along with the turquoise glacier lakes and beautiful skies, makes the place enchanted.

    All the above mentioned places are equipped with pristine flowers that will surely blow your mind. Just visit any of these places to enrich your experience.

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