Urban Company Case Study

    Urban company is a venture startup that is known to be the fastest-growing online marketplace all across the nation, it connects service seekers with service providers. The Urban company has come up with the solution to end day to day problems of the people. The Urban company is overloaded with absolutely trained and trusted professional service providers which people search for such as a counselor, a lawyer, a yoga instructor, a mechanic, a plumber, a beautician, a massager, cleaning and so on all these can be found in one single application. 

    The urban company was introduced on 10th November 2014 and within 6years it became the largest marketplace for home services in India. The most attractive part of the urban company is that it allows to directly connect professionals with the users. In 2014, The urban company began with a sprinkling amount of professionals and now it has more than 50,000 professionals along with another 15,000 people in line trying hard to be a part of this successfully growing company


    Since the company was established just 5 years ago, the startup venture has steadily started asserting its offers and broadening its model of business to serve a large number of customers all over India. The business approach for services design had gone through a lot of adjustments based on their goals and marketing dynamics. It has been designed to make it the successful drive of the fastest-growing startup venture.

    The urban company was founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Raghav Chandra, and Varun Khaitan in 2014, they came up with the unique idea of a marketplace linking local service providers to needy customers with the help of a mobile app. The concept was formed to overcome the challenges and difficulties of the unorganized market of local services in India and to connect seeking customers with the freelancing professionals at their homes at a reasonable price. When some of the investors showed interest in the venture startup, funds were raised. The company started only with the amount of Rs 10 lakhs and later on it raised more than Rs 10 crores.

    The business model of the urban company served the economy in two ways: firstly, to offer plenty of work for the local service providers and secondly to provide a solution for the regular day-to-day problems of the customers. Previously before the introduction of the urban company none of the workers would find or know about the huge demand for their work, they could hardly found a proper job through different intermediaries like local brokers or shops but now the platform of the urban company app helped those workers by providing them with a permanent job by connecting them to different customers without any efforts and in a short time. Once the company took the acceleration of growth more new users started accessing the listed services which were offered in the urban company app.

     What does the urban company do?

    The urban company comes up with the best solution to everyone’s regular problems such as suddenly in extremely hot weather conditions if someone’s AC stops working late at night. Then definitely that person would search for a technician who would fix the AC but to contact the right worker that person needs to take help from relatives or friends. What if there’s an agency for such skilled workers whom you can contact directly through an application which is a much easy and convenient process, this is exactly what the urban company application does.

    The business of the urban company is to provide their customers seeking the service providers and also makes them micro-entrepreneurs. Urban company does it by offering credit, payment, acquisition, inventory, training, insurance, access and making them a host for other services to the IPSs. Through standardizing pricing, distributing the services, and the end-user experience with the brand name of the urban company they accelerate their whole business.

    Urban Company Business Model

    The Urban company’s business model key components are as follows:

    1. Key statement

    • a super active website
    • a definitive mobile application

    2. Brand statement

    • to offer instant accessibility of affordable services with reliable certification of the service providers to the customers.

    3. Customer Relationship Management

    • rating and review of the customers
    • with the support of social media
    • support of the customers

    4. Key revenue sources

    • advertisement on the application
    • lead generation
    • reverse auction
    • commissions of the service providers

    5. Cost structure

    • spending on the marketing endeavor of the company
    • stipend of the employees 
    • employees salary
    • technological infrastructure

    6. Key activities

    • an authentic marketing strategy for the urban company
    • extending to 2 tier cities
    • price controls of the scheduling
    • customizing the user experience on both platforms like the website and the application
    • with the help of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence clarifying the complexity of the user journey

    Marketing methods

    The urban company uses different strategies for marketing skills depending upon the services to look different from the other companies. In this way, their focus makes a way to reach the mind of the customers. The approaches which are used for urban company advertising are as follows:

    1. Video advertisements on the YouTube platform

    – Urban company shows advertisement videos which are very interesting and touching to attract the interest of the audience as it shows how the urban company can make their lifestyle soothing and easy.

    2. Social media influencer paid marketing

    – Social media influencers have a huge number of followers and they build trust with their audience. To promote the services of the urban company, they collaborate with social media influencers which was a great move to reach out to the public.

    3. Advertisement in social media

    – These days most people use social media and it is a great platform to promote any new business or service to the public. They tried to reach all the potential customers through Instagram and Facebook.


    Allocating manpower, capturing the user needs, and monitoring everything within a single roof was the main focus of the urban company. The company has seen great success in the last few current years but this is just the beginning. Currently, the app is using Artificial intelligence-enabled data for the better evaluation of the user demands. This is how the urban company is evolving every single day.

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