Urban Company & the Others: Competitors or Followers

    It all starts with an idea that changes a lot that follows. The idea was to outsource but it turned out to be the new revolution. It is 2021 and our mobile phones have really become the remote that controls our world. You need a cab and do not want to scream “Taxi” in the streets, just let your phone know and there is a cab at your door. If you are hungry and do not feel like cooking, all you need to do is let your phone know and ‘knock, knock!’ there is food. Urban Company has got it covered when it comes to all you-name-it home services. Let it be your washing machine, your Diwali home-cleaning, your last-minute beauty services, or the unannounced breakdown of your air conditioner, Urban Company has it got covered. But let us look at the bigger picture here, in this era of ‘who-is-better’ who is competing with Urban Company

    Who is competing with Urban Company?

    Below are the names of few competitors of UrbanClap

    • Housejoy
    • Zimber
    • UrbanPro
    • Helpr
    • SBricks
    • Mr Right

    UrbanClap is one of the first to set foot in the one-stop Home Services solution did really well in terms of profit within the very first few months. However, in January 2020, the company changed its name to Urban Company from Urban clap to which the Urban Company founder comments that it is important to have a globally accepted name. 

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    The success of this idea does not limit itself to the Home Services but it is also one among the first Beauty Services start-up and it will not be incorrect to say that a larger credit of the success ingredient is the at-home salon services. With the hectic lifestyle, today do we really have the time to sit in a queue to get our nails done, have a haircut, or just clean our facial hair? With the world measuring leisure time by the clock do we really want to waste another minute/hours of our precious time in the big label saloons or are we the new-world people to just bring home the services at a click, well there is our answer? A larger credit goes to this idea as well.

    Owning But Not-Owning

    It is fascinating to ponder upon the fact that these start-ups own so much without actually owning it. When you step outside and give a closer look you will notice that there are at least four Uber cars against each 10 of them running in the streets. They certainly label with Uber but does Uber actually own them? No. Uber has taken over our streets without owning a single car and if this is not a great innovation then what is. Similarly, many such start-ups happened over the years, Zomato and Swiggy being one among brought in a revolution to the takeaway scenario. Does Zomato/Swiggy own these foot outlets? No. But it certainly is bringing in a lot of earning opportunities both to the delivery partners and the outlets. The wage earners are now looking for an Uber career or to be a delivery partner.

    Similarly, many housewives who learned Beauty Services enrolled with Urban Company to give us an at-home Saloon experience without us having to leave the comfort of our home. These housewives are happy to bring in the extra income home with this idea that changed their lives. 

    There are UrbanClap alternatives for sure, however, it is not surprising that Urban Company tops the search results every time. However, while a few are services-focused, others are employee-focused. HouseJoy provides free insurance to both its employees and its customers and hence, this has been favourable when it comes to the revenue-building of the company. A lot of factors contribute to the success of a start-up or failure of the same however a healthy competition around is definitely the secret mantra to strive to be better each time.

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