Use BSNL Number Check Code to Know BSNL Mobile Number

    BSNL, or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is much more than a government-owned telecom company in India because of its deep roots within the telecom set-up that marked the beginning of telecommunications in India. BSNL carries a rich legacy and is part of the history of India’s advancements in telecommunication since the British established the telephone network across the country in the 19th century. The telecommunication wing of the Posts and Telegraph Department became an independent entity in the 1980s by establishing the Department of Telecommunication (DoT).  Further reorganisation and restructuring of the DoT resulted in the formation of BSNL as a company on 1st October 2000.  Since then, BSNL has been one of the largest telecom operators in India, with a massive and unmatched outreach connecting the remotest parts of the country through its telecommunication services. This article provides detailed information about the BSNL number check code.

    What is the BSNL Number Check Code?

    BSNL was primarily known for providing only telephone services across the country. It was the only service provider before India’s economic liberalization during the 1990s. Later, when the private operators started offering mobile phone services, BSNL included it and expanded its portfolio of services to compete with the private players. Today, BSNL is one of the few telecom operators that offer its customers a wide range of mobile phone services, especially those in remote areas. BSNL mobile connection is available in the farthest corners of India where private telecom operators fail to provide the services. This article focuses on how to check BSNL mobile phone numbers with the help of the number check code.

    Helping to Remember Your Mobile Phone Number

    The widespread popularity of mobile telephony posed a new challenge for customers who needed help remembering the mobile numbers of their contacts. Since mobile phone numbers are not easy to remember, especially when you have many contacts it is important to know how to check BSNL number. New BSNL customers often need help remembering their mobile phone numbers, which might take some days to familiarise them. To help them out, BSNL provides an easy way to recall their mobile phone numbers by using the USSD code.

    What is the USSD code?

    Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, is a global mobile communications system protocol that enables users to send text messages. Although the basic functionality of USSD is similar to that of Short Messaging Service or SMS, the features of USSD aim to provide more opportunities to telecom operators to enable them to connect with their customers in a better way and provide better services. The telecom operators must have the proper technology and solutions in place to reap the benefits of USSD and gain customers’ trust by providing superior services. Using the USSD code, telecom operators can display a text message on the users’ handsets as a reply to any query they seek. As you learn how to check BSNL numbers, you will better understand how USSD works and how telecom subscribers or users can benefit.

    Check the BSNL mobile number by using the USSD code

    You can check your mobile number by using various USSD codes of BSNL. Moreover, you can avail yourself of many other services BSNL offers by using the appropriate USSD code, such as knowing your data balance and pack validity, the current balance in your account, the recharge due date, billing details, and many more.

    To know your BSNL mobile number, follow the steps given below:

    • Choose the dialler option on your phone.
    • To check your BSNL mobile number, dial *1# from your device, the USSD code allocated by BSNL.
    • Soon after sending the message, you will receive a text message displaying your BSNL number.

    In addition to dialling *1#, you can also dial *555#, *555#2, *881*1#, *881*2# to know your BSNL mobile number.

     Check the BSNL Mobile Number with the Help of the BSNL App

    • Download the BSNL app from Google PlayStore and install it on your device.
    • Log in to your account using your BSNL mobile number, and you will receive an OTP.
    • Enter the OTP to complete the login and start using the app.

    You can use the app to know your BSNL mobile number.

    Instead of the BSNL number check code to know your BSNL mobile number, you can also check your number by calling BSNL customer care.

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