Video Chat- A 21st Century Mode of Communication

    In the 21st century, everything has become advanced and innovative technology-based and the same for the ways of communication. First, people got a mobile phone which enabled them to contact their close ones who are far away from reach. A single call through mobile phone has connected individuals from every corner of the world. However, they were not able to see them, only through voice call they had to communicate and connect with other individuals. But now technology has provided an exceptional way of communication which is a video call. Through smartphones, with help of the camera, individuals are now able to communicate as well as see their close ones who are away from home through a video call. Many other technological advancements have a huge contribution in this such as internet connection and advanced smartphone features like front camera.

    Video calling has various advantages such as it is more engaging and enhances the quality of communication, establishes enhanced connectivity between individuals, and many others. But, apart from all these benefits and facilities of the video call, there are few drawbacks also present and one of them is sudden disconnection of video call due to lack of proper network. For instance, during an important business meeting which has been held by a video call, due to poor internet connection, someone left out from the meeting. But now technology has also developed a solution for this issue which is a video chat app. With a video chat app, and individuals would be able to video call as well as chatting at the same time. So, even if a person is left out from the video call due to the poor internet connection, then by chatting that person would be able to connect in the call.

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    Video Chat Advantages

    Video chat facilities are quite helpful for various purposes, specifically for business communication. Most of the businesses are these days expanding their operations in the global market and it is quite expensive to travel frequently for attending the meeting with the overseas clients. For this purpose, video chatting is one of the most effective and cost-saving ways to arrange and attend these business meetings with global clients. Video chatting is also efficient for sharing information during a video call. For instance, during a group class session, if any student or the teacher wants to share some important links for educational purposes, they can do it through chat during the video call with the help of the same app. No need to open 2 or three applications. The use of these video chat applications has become more popular during the pandemic as the online classes and work from home have increased.

    Top 10 Video Chat Apps

    Google Duo

    It is one of the most common video chat apps which is utilised by a wide base of users and it’s free. This video chat app is perfect for a group conversation with families and friends. One of the key features of this app is “Knock Knock” which enables users to see a preview of the person who is on the other end. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS and Windows (desktops). The maximum limitation of users is 12.


    It is a perfect video chat app for school classes and work conferences because even without a subscription it allows 100 users at a time. But there is an option for subscription for Zoom, and after subscription, it allows more users. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS, and Windows (desktops).


    It is another one of the top video chat apps but only for iPhone or macOS users. It is a built-in video chat application for Apple devices. It will not work for the users who have Android mobiles and Windows, Maximum number of users this app allows is 32.


    It is one of the most popular applications for chats and now also for video calls. Almost every person uses WhatsApp and it is a perfect app for international calls. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS, and Windows (desktops). However, the maximum limit of users for this app is quite low which is 4.

    Facebook Messenger

    Messenger is also a good app with video chat facilities. But it only works for the users of Facebook. Individuals who do not use Facebook will not be able to use this application. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS, and Windows (desktops). The maximum user limitation is 50.


    It is another video chat app that is appropriate for school classes and work conferences. Key features of this application are real-time translation and screen sharing during the call. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS, and Windows (desktops). The maximum user limitation is 50.


    It is mainly a social media platform through which individuals also can conduct video and audio calls along with text messages. It does not work for desktops. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles). Maximum 16 users can conduct video calls and 32 for voice calls.


    It is one of the unique video chat applications which is perfect for small parties with friends. It also has games such as heads up, finish the song lyrics and trivia which can be played during the call. It can be utilised with iOS and Android (mobiles), macOS, and Windows (desktops). The maximum user limitation is 8.


    Another one of the most popular social media platforms, widely utilised by a huge base of users. This application has many features along with video calls, audio calls, and texting. But it only properly works for iOS and Android (mobiles), does not work for desktops. The maximum user limitation is 6.


    It is a perfect video chat app for gamers. It enables the users to chat as well as video call during playing games. It can be mainly used in macOS and Windows (desktops). The maximum user limitation is 25.

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