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    Wakefit Sleep Internship – Get Money for Sleeping!

    When the Bengaluru-based startup company Wakefit introduced the sleep internship programme in India, it was a huge rage. The Wakefit internship was a hit, with you would get paid INR 1 lakh if you could sleep for 9 hours for 100 days. The rage that started in 2019 is here to stay and the mattress company. More about the same as described below.

    Wakefit Sleep Internship

    While this sounds appealing, it is not easy to become a sleep intern. The applicants have to prove that they love to sleep and that they give priority to sleep the most. It was highly successful as in 2020, around 1.7 lakh participants had signed up, and out of them, only 23 interns qualified for the same. In 2021, they started the application process for the volunteers for the sleep internship.

    What is the purpose of a sleep internship?

    This sleep internship is to help people change their attitudes toward sleep. They are given special mattresses, and their sleep patterns are tracked daily. This is done for 100 days.

    If you are one of the applicants, you will be able to talk to a set of counselors provided by Wakefit. Candidates will be assigned sleep trackers, and the reward money is given only to the sleep interns who complete the tenure of the program.

    What makes the program/job unique?

    The ones selected for the sleep internship will not have to give up their jobs or stir out from the comfort of their homes. All you are expected to do is complete your office work, return home, and then sleep for nine hours daily on the mattress and the pillows provided to you by Wakefit for 100 nights.

    How are sleep patterns monitored?

    Since you will be given a sleep tracker, it will help monitor the REM or rapid eye movement and the non-REM cycles. Also, the non-REM cycles, heart rate, breathing rate, and correlation between the applicants’ activity are several steps during the daytime and quality of sleep.

    As an intern, you will get one session per head through a telephone call to receive guidance and counseling from fitness experts, psychologists, and home makeover experts. Sleep quality is directly proportional to the activity level, the applicant’s food habits, and the amount of spicy and sugary items intake, especially for dinner. This is because few food items negatively impact sleep.

    The bedroom needs to be well ventilated and airy. The color, light intensity, and temperature of the room also play an essential role. The mattress and pillows matter as well. The sleep internship program will help establish a relationship between sleep and all of the above factors.

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