Warm Welcome from Abu Dhabi to Indian Tourists – Here is How You Can Enjoy UAE

    The tourism industry has started to see some growth from 2020 because of the starting of vaccination for CVOID-19. With new hope, global travelling has started to upsurge for all the tourists and same goes for the Indian travellers. After getting locked up in the home for more than a year, now people want to break free and again experience the magic of travelling which has increased the demand for international travel. Abu Dhabi has been a popular and safe leisure destination for Indian travellers. Now, Abu Dhabi is open for Indian tourists. In the context of the travel spectrum, from the point of view of Abu Dhabi India is the second biggest international market and source for them. UAE travel from India now has become easier and more convenient due to its high value and demand. And this is not just a statement represented just by observing various reports and new but validated by the Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at DCT, Ali Hassan Al Shaiba. 

    In an interview with the Financial Express, Ali Hassan Al Shaiba stated, “We at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) are incredibly excited to now welcome all fully vaccinated tourists and residents travelling from India, with no quarantine measures. Today, Abu Dhabi has been recognised as one of the safest cities in the world, as referenced by Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safest Cities Index 2021, which ranked Abu Dhabi as the ‘safest city in the Middle East and Africa.

    The procedure to safely travel Abu Dhabi 

    As we all know, after the pandemic, everything changed around us and it is also the same for some rules and regulations for international travelling. In order to safely travel from India to the UAE and maintain all the safety protocols of CVOID-19, Abu Dhabi has initiated a little procedure for the tourists, which is verifying the international vaccination certificates to get the Abu Dhabi Green Pass. Here are some of the simple processes that you need to maintain to travel from India to the UAE with the Abu Dhabi Green Pass

    Other aspects

    • Travellers need to register the home-country vaccine exemption or vaccination certificate through the official government website or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) Smart app for prior verification. And this needs to be done within 48 hours of the travel date. 
    • After the vaccination certificate submission, a confirmation will be sent via SMS, which will also have a link for the ALHOSN app, which travellers have to download before travelling to Abu Dhabi. The app will show the PCR test results and vaccination status to activate the Abu Dhabi Green Pass. 
    • When the travellers arrive, they will get a Unified ID number from either the ICA Smart app or airport immigration or government website, which is needed to register on the ALHOSN app. 
    • Maintain to procedure PCR test results will be checked at the airport and the Green Pass will automatically be activated after that. Then travellers can enter the public spaces in the emirate.

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