What Are the Expected Digital Trends in India for 2022?

    Some innovations prove to be a game-changer, yet few do not evolve after emerging and die prematurely because they do not qualify to be called a trend. In this write-up, let us find out the digital trends you can anticipate ruling in the country in 2022.

    Digital Trends in India

    Check out the various digital trends 2022 here in the list below.

    • Metaverse

    Last year Facebook was in the headlines because it changed its name to Meta. The company is still working on merging physical reality with that virtual reality, and it is expected that the company might make it big in the latter part of 2022. You can also expect an announcement about creating meta reality.

    • Cloud

    We can expect more innovations related to the cloud because this has gained immense prominence, especially during the pandemic when working remotely had become the main essence of working in jobs. So, expect more innovations in this field.

    • Social Media

    These days, social media platforms are not just restricted to messaging or posting pictures and videos. There has been an increase in audio-based social media platforms that have gained prominence due to the lockdown and pandemic.

    The clubhouse is one such example, and this has made even Twitter and Telegram introduce the concept on their platforms. This is one of the digital trends likely to catch up further.

    • Consumer Tech

    The year 2021 witnessed delays in the availability of smart devices and gadgets components partly due to disruptions in the supply and demand chain. However, it is anticipated that one of the recent trends in marketing this year is to do away with these delays and make available smart devices to consumers. We have already seen a few of the major OEMs like OnePlus and Samsung releases, and a few are yet to come and be launched.

    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

    NFTs or non-fungible tokens have, over the years, emerged and became an integral part of the financial investment portfolio of many. These tokens have gained prominence in the entertainment and art world as well.

    • Chatbots

    Chatbots and their use are one of the digital trends 2022 is witnessing. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to interact with customers and visitors who navigate websites. Auditory and textual methods are two ways the bot will communicate with visitors, and the main objective is to enhance the customer support experience.

    • Personalisation

    One of the best ways to enjoy an edge over your competitors is to focus on the personalisation of emails, products, and emails. It is the next biggest digital trend you can watch out for. As per research by the Instapage,

    • 63% of customers are disappointed that companies repeatedly send the same messages.
    • 90% of the consumers believe that personalisation is good
    • 80% of the consumers reveal that they are likely to do business with a company that believes in personalisation.

    Amazon and Netflix are the best examples.

    Hence, these are some of the digital trends that will be the headlines through the year 2022. Not to mention, there may emerge some other new trends in the coming time.

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