What Are the New Features in iOS15?

    During the annual WWDC keynote in June 2021, Apple announced iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The updates for iPhone and iPad were released on September 20th, and macOS Monterey was scheduled to be released on October 25th, 2021. Let us find out the new features that have been packed into the latest version of the operating system.  

    New features added on each platform

    It may be mentioned here that not all devices will run the new features. While few devices will be compatible with the latest releases, the ones that have machine learning features related to them will require a device like iPhone, iPad, and Apple watches so that these functionalities work. 

    New features in iOS 15

    Check out these features.

    • FaceTime

    Apple has announced several new features in FaceTime iOS 15 like Spatial Audio that will match your position and audio by striking a perfect balance relative to your position. Another feature, Voice Isolation, has been included to keep out annoying sounds that occur in the background. The new feature of FaceTime will also allow a grid view of all participants, and the Portrait Mode will make everything blur behind you when you are on a call. 

    • Focus

    Another feature is Focus is an extension of the Do Not Disturb mode. You will set filters and select when you want to limit access while you are asleep and more. 

    • Visuals, Live Text, and Spotlight

    The new feature will capture Live Text from the camera app, in your screenshots, or photos. So, with this new feature, you will be able to select any text and carry out a search or make a call. 

    • Safari 

    With the new iOS 15, Safari can do more for you. It will now support web extensions that you can avail through the app store, and it will enable third parties to extend new features in Safari. 

    • Messages shared

    The Messages app iOS 15 new feature offers an option for memo customization and photo collections. You will get to see the stack of images. Another feature called “Shared With You”, has a list of news, photos, and more and the ones that others have shared with you. 

    • App Privacy Report

    One of the major updates in iOS 15 is a new privacy feature, with the help of which you can access the App Privacy report. What will the report indicate? It will highlight a timeline stating those apps that have used privacy permissions and for the ones that you have granted permission. 

    • Wallet

    The new feature will enable you to scan any government document like your driver’s license and save it in your wallet app with the participating states in the United States. 

    • Maps

    An interactive globe with 3D landmarks has been introduced in the iOS 15 new feature. To help in navigation, more maps have been added. This feature is expected to be added to CarPlay later in 2022. 

    • Weather App

    The Weather app in iOS 15 has undergone an overhaul and includes weather effects that are animated. These include slowly moving snow or graphics related to rain, and it depends on what the weather conditions are outside. Full-screen temperature, air quality, and precipitation reports will be manifested in maps. 

    • Photos 

    The Memories section in the Photos app is the new update in iOS 15. Memories make use of machine learning to create dynamic slideshows that feature filters, and complement music and images. 

    What’s new in iPadOS 15?

    Check out the new features. 

    • Widgets

    In this new feature added to iPadOS 15, you will now be able to place the widgets directly on the device’s home screen. 

    • App Library

    The new App Library screen will allow you to manage all your apps in a single place. As in iOS 14, you can now conceal the home screen pages that are no longer of any use. But you will be able to access them later. 

    • Multitasking features

    In the new version, Apple has tried to improve the multitasking features and control that you can see on the screen top. Slide Over, and Split View are two features that have been added. 

    • Quick Note

    With just one swipe, in iPad OS15, the Quick Note feature gets functional. It is a virtual notepad. With the help of an Apple pencil, you will write on the notepad. 

    • Translate App

    The Translate App has been finally added to the iPad. It has an auto translate mode that can identify any other language and translate the same without you having to click or tap on any button. 

    • Swift Playgrounds 4

    With this new feature added to iPad OS 15, you will build apps for iPad and iPhone directly by using the SwiftUI. Earlier, using any such feature needed Xcode on Mac. 

    What’s new in macOS Monterey?

    Check out the new features in macOS Monterey.

    • Major App Updates

    Monterey was slated to receive updates in Messages, Notes, Maps, safari, and FaceTime, similar to the ones that have been released for iPhone and iPad 15. 

    • Universal Control

    A new feature called Universal Control will allow all Apple device owners to use a single keyboard and mouse for controlling the Macs or the iPads. To set up, all you have to do is place the devices beside each other and use the cursor to move to the corner of the screen. Once it is linked, you can seamlessly use drag and drop features between multiple screens, app windows, and documents. 

    All these features and specifications certainly make this iOS device as the first choice for most of a lot many users out there. You can also get one.

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