What Are Your Options for the Money-Earning Apps in 2022?

    Money-making apps are playing an instrumental role for workers not just in the United States but across the world. Studies reveal that approximately 36% of the workers in the US are engaged in the gig economy. 

    With the help of so many money-earning apps available in the market, you can use the proceeds to pay off your debt, meet unexpected expenses, and fund your other financial obligations. 

    All you must do is sign up for one of the many free money-earning apps available, and you can start the work right away. More about the best free money earning apps in the paragraphs below. 

    Best app to earn money at your own pace

    Check out the following online earning apps that you can turn to for earning money which you can call your passive income if you are engaged in any other profession that you consider the primary income. Find these free earning app for the categories they are good at.


    Find more new money earning apps in detail in the points below 

    • Upwork

    Simplicity, user-friendly, and streamlined communication are the main reasons why it is so popular among freelancers. With the help of this app, you can start your business or work as an individual freelancer for independent clients. 


    • There are more than 1600 skills to choose from. The process of creating a profile is simple.
    • New clients join depending on reviews, scores, and total earnings.
    • Payment protection is in place for successful work.
    • Apply for one-off or ongoing projects


    • There is a service fee that ranges between 5% and 20% depending on the total earnings for every client. 
    • Payout is released ten days following the billing period
    • Clients can choose from among lower rates.
    • Rakuten

    This app offers several cashback options for in-store and online purchases. You get rewarded for referrals and sign up with the app. 


    • Enjoy up to 40% cashback on the purchases you make at thousands of retailers that qualify for the incentives.
    • You get $10 as a welcome bonus if you spend $25.
    • For recommending new users, you can enjoy up to $30, provided the new users spend at least $30. 
    • Extension of the browser allows you to enjoy add-on features and perks.


    • The cashback rates are pretty low and maybe as low as 1%.
    • There have been instances of app freezing
    • The payouts occur every three months.
    • Uber

    You can earn at your own pace by delivering and driving whenever you prefer to. You can cash out on these earnings up to five times every day. 


    • Earn money as per your schedule by accepting work whenever you want to.
    • You can drive for passengers and deliver food using one driver app
    • After expenses, earn as much as $10 to $20 every hour.


    • Drivers must pay a service fee that depends on the cost and time.
    • The scope of earning depends on demand and location.

    Although there are several other categories, you may find the top 3 new money-earning apps for which you can sign up in 2022.

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