What Should you Look for in the Best-wired Earphones in India?

    A good pair of earphones is a must-have these days. They keep you hands-free and you can answer calls if you are in a crowded place. Here, let us find out a few of the best earphones with a mic in India. The products you will see here are wired earphones with an in-built mic. So, read on to know more about the company and the product model and type. 

    Best wired earphones in India under INR 1500

    If you think that you need good earphones with a mic, explore these options below. Not all earphones will have all the key features you are looking for, nevertheless, the one that has the maximum number of your preferred features can be a good buy. So, look at these gadgets. 

    1. Sony MDR-EX155AP

    This is a popular product that has a wired earphones within your reach. One of the many features that this gadget offers is through the Smart Key Android App, you will be able to configure the single-button remote on your earphones. 


    1. Deep Bass with super clear vocals. Has premium sound quality.
    2. Comfortable
    3. Lightweight
    4. Wire manager prevents wires from getting entangled
    5. Frequency Range- 5 to 24,000 HZ
    6. Cord length- 1.2 m Litz cable, Y-Type
    7. Impedance -16 ohm (1kHz)
    8. Jack- 3.5 mm L shaped and is gold plated

    2. Sennheiser CX 80s

    These are the best-wired earphones with a mic that boasts of excellent quality and vocals that have a lot of clarity. It is ideal for a person that is fond of listening to music. High-quality and stable performance is what this wired earphone boasts of. 


    1. Ear canal fatigue is minimum
    2. Ambient noise isolation
    3. Three varieties of ear tips
    4. Sound quality is excellent – Bass and Vocals have balanced output
    5. Single-button remote with many functions
    6. Ideal for Music, Movies, Gaming, EDM, etc.
    7. Lightweight
    8. Impedance -28 ohm
    9. Range of frequency- 17 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

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    3. Evidson Z4

    Regarded as one of the better-wired earphones with mic that is a “Made in India” product. It is durable and users can enjoy an excellent musical experience with the gadget. 


    1. Balanced sound output with HD effect. Crisp vocals and deep bass
    2. Lightweight
    3. Titanium diaphragm
    4. Neodymium magnets
    5. Comfortable 
    6. Jack 3.5 mm
    7. Available in 3 varieties of ear tips
    8. Ideal for calling, movies, gaming, music, and EDM

    4. Skullcandy Ink’d with Mic

    It is available with a remote control so that you can control calls and music without the need to touch your phone. 


    1. Deep bass
    2. Comfortable to use
    3. Lightweight
    4. Noise isolating capability
    5. Available in 3 varieties of silicone ear tips
    6. 11 mm drivers for excellent sound output
    7. Ideal for EDM, gaming, Music, etc
    8. Jack-3.5mm

    5. JBL T110

    Regarded as one of the best earphones in India, you can spend money on this if you are looking for wired earphones. Voice quality is enhanced by the in-line mic and is said to be durable. Check out the specifications below-


    1. 9mm drivers
    2. JBL pure bass sound
    3. Voice quality on calls is excellent
    4. Vocals are clear
    5. Single-button remote with multifunctional properties
    6. Lightweight
    7. Comfortable
    8. Jack 3.5 mm jack is angled
    9. Ideal for gaming, EDM, calling, and music

    The names of the best earphones in India are mentioned above. You can choose one that will not just suit your budget but will also meet your requirement for the specifications you are looking for.

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