Why Bharat Series Number Plates are Beneficial in India?

    According to the law, the car with the Bharat series number plate does not need to be registered again each time the owner transfers to a different state. All the professionals who must relocate to different locations as part of their jobs are meant to get something from this series.

    The Bharat Series, often known as the BH series, is a line of license plates for non-transportation vehicles that was first released in India on August 28, 2021. The registration period for the event began on September 15, 2021. The government has taken a measure to encourage easy transportation in the country by introducing the BH series of license plates.

    What is the BH Number Plate?

    In India, there are a lot of people with movable occupations. It implies that they frequently travel across states for work. If they have a car, they will need to re-register it and pay the road tax in the new state in such instances.

    The central government introduced the BH number in September 2021 to minimize this intricate procedure. With this series of license plates, those with transferrable jobs can easily traverse the entire nation with their new vehicle. Unlike conventional license plates, the BH series number plates are legal anywhere in the nation.

    BH Number Plate Eligibility

    Not everyone will enjoy the BH series. State or federal employees working for the government or public sector may apply for this unique plate. An individual working for the private sector with locations in more than four states or union territories is also qualified.

    The Bharat series number plate may be valuable for people working in the military, banks, and administrative services, among other professions.

    How to Get BH Series Registration for an Old Vehicle?

    The car’s owner must initially pay the tax for two years to receive a BH series registration plate. Vahan 4 will produce the Bharat series number plate after all the procedures are finished. The responsible RTO will grant the BH series application approval.

    BH Registration Cost 

    The tax structure has changed as a result of the new BH series. According to the new taxation system, vehicles with a value of less than ten lakh rupees must pay an 8% road tax if the price is between 10 and 20 lakhs. Similar to this, the owner must pay a 10% road tax.

    When considering the power source, the taxes also vary for various cars. Vehicles with diesel engines are subject to an additional 2% tax on top of the applicable price category tax. However, a car owner with an electric motor can reduce their vehicle’s tax by 2%.

    What Advantages Do the BH Series Offer?

    Previously, owners could keep their cars for a year in a state other than the one authorized by section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The car registration was expected to be transferred from the parent state to the new one. Every time the owner relocates, the car with a BH series registration does not require a transfer registration. The license plate is still legal everywhere.

    For example,

    22 BH 1111 AA

    Here, the first two digits, 22 BH car no, denote the registration year, which in this case is 2022, followed by BH, which stands for Bharat. The following are two random alphabets, except “I” and “O,” followed by four randomly produced computer numbers.

    The Bharat series number plate offers numerous advantages in facilitating smooth vehicle transfers between states and relieving vehicle owners of the burden of complicated paperwork.

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