Yogini Shikha Pandey: Her Inspirational Entrepreneurial Journey towards a Holistic Life

    “Comparison is the reason why so many of us did not take the path of our true success because we followed someone else’s path instead.” Success Mantra of Shikha Pandey – Entrepreneur, Yogini & Holistic Growth Consultant.

    Business Upside [BU]: What Inspired You to Lead a Yogic Life?

    Shikha Pandey [SP]: I have been practicing Yoga for over ten years, but just like most of us, the first few years were the physical practice of Yoga, i.e., the Asana.

    Since I was a little girl, I always believed that I had limitless power (at that time, it was inspired by all the superhero stuff I used to watch). But as I grew up and came to a big city, I started feeling disconnected. I felt life was too fast and limiting, shadowed by mistrust, judgment, comparison, and race. And all of that did not add to us feeling limitless, but in fact, it made us feel more limited because we were trying to squeeze ourselves into pre-defined roles and characters.

    And when I started walking on the path of Yoga, I felt like I was again walking back home towards that little girl and her faith that she was limitless.

    The root of all Yoga is to let go of the urge to change everything around us and walk a step closer to our true selves every day. So that we know what we stand for, and then the opinions and stereotypes of the external world do not matter. And the journey continues.

    [BU]: How do You Encourage People to Move Towards Living a Holistic Life?

    [SP]: To lead a holistic life is the only way to remain sustainable. Because otherwise, either you will become redundant (by not taking action) or burn out (by doing too much action with no reflection).

    A holistic living path encourages you to tap into the universe’s inherent wisdom, ‘Balance.’ In the modern world, that is what most of us lack. We are pushing too hard towards something entirely materialistic and, in that race, compromising completely on our sense of joy, mindful pause, reflection, and rest. And when the balance is threatened in nature, we see nature retaliate. We human beings are part of nature. And so our bodies, minds, emotions, and overall well-being retaliates too.

    My only words to anyone out there are the same – your well-being is your biggest wealth because only when you are in a state of well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically & spiritually) can you enjoy all the other wealth that you may acquire. It enables you to enjoy the nectar or what we call ‘Ras’ of life.

    [BU]: Why is Yoga Essential in Modern Life? 

    [SP]: The most amazing thing about Yoga is that the more chaotic the world gets, the more Yoga has to offer. Today we have started looking at ourselves as independent units rather than an amalgamation of several factors. Physical well-being is seen as one part, and mental well-being is one part, nutrition is another, and so on.

    We are not bits of our being; we are every bit of our being. And Yoga acknowledges and approaches a human being like that. The Asana, Pranayama (Breathwork), Inspiration & Wisdom of Yoga helps in better connection to self which in turn leads to:

    • Increase strength, stamina, balance & flexibility of the body & the mind.
    • Improvement in lung volume and breathing capacity.
    • Stress reduction.
    • Enhanced focus & concentration.
    • More energy.
    • Better regulation & no suppression of emotions.
    • Yoga also has several therapeutic benefits in recovery and rehabilitation, along with other medical interventions.

    And when we see the benefits in every aspect of our being, we find a more profound sense of fulfilment and embrace life better, with all its ups and downs.

    [BU]: What Impact do You Think Yoga has on an Individual’s Personality? 

    [SP]: Yoga can change your entire outlook toward the outside world by connecting better to the world inside you. The list can be endless, but here are a few important changes that one can observe:

    • It makes you less judgemental towards others and hence more inclusive.
    • It enhances your confidence. And not because you know it all; you become ok with not knowing it all.
    • To develop more compassion, empathy, and kindness towards yourself and others.
    • You understand & honor the impermanent nature of everything in this world and hence respect what you have today more.
    • You build faith in your abilities, and hence fear becomes less fearful.
    • Instead of chasing perfection, your goal becomes giving your best in everything you do, putting you on a sustained growth path.
    • You learn to prioritize self-care because you understand that we cannot take care of others unless we are taken care of.

    [BU]: What is the Most Satisfying Moment in Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

    [SP]: The most satisfying part of my entrepreneurial journey has been that I don’t have regrets when I look back. I sincerely believe that everything that happened within me, around me, and to me shaped me into the person I am today. And I am still a work in progress that keeps me excited about the future.

    BU: How would You Hope to Use Your Abilities to Benefit Society?

    [SP]: I believe that sharing is a large part of the cycle of life. The experiences we move through and share with the world can be a ray of hope for someone and a new day for someone. And this is not just for me or the work that I do. It is true for everyone!

    As far as I am concerned, I hope to serve modern-day youth and professionals by enabling them to see themselves in the complete light. And so, I work closely with several large & small organizations to sync the personal growth plans of individuals with the organizational growth plan. When these two grow together, not only do we create a more conducive work environment but also create a sustainable holistic growth path.

    [BU]: Share Your Experience of Leading a Holistic Life in this Modern Chaotic World.

    [SP]: In one word, it has been humbling and made me realize that there is so much more to me, others around me, and this world. It’s like living in a magic land. If you wish to see it, you will see it everywhere, leaving you enthralled. You see this magic in the love, pain, courage, joy, compassion, nature’s evolution, birth, death, breath, and all the spectrum of things we are capable of experiencing in our life.

    [BU]: What do You Want to Advise Our Nation’s Youth?

    [SP]: First of all, today’s youth inspires me for their sheer talent. Here are my few pieces of advice for them:

    • Don’t compare yourself to others. Your biggest strength is your uniqueness.
    • It’s ok not to have everything figured out immediately. But ensure whatever you do, you give it your best.
    • No experience you have is ever wasted. Everything you experience shapes you to be the person you are.
    • Don’t take your physical, mental, or emotional well-being for granted. Take help if you need it. You deserve to be taken care of.
    • If you have faith in yourself, no one can bring you down. Build that faith in yourself by sticking to the promises you make to yourself.
    • The choices that you make shape you. And your daily habits are your daily choices. If you wish to change your life, change your habits.

    [BU]: What is Your Success Mantra?


    I believe that comparison is the reason why so many of us did not take the path of our true success because we followed someone else’s path instead.

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