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    Airtel Night Plan Code: An Useful Guide for Your Night Plan

    Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications service providers, provides exciting offers for users. They also offer several night plans for all the night owls there. So, if you are one of those who stay awake till late at night, then you must opt for Airtel’s night plan. If you can get the proper Airtel night plan code, then it will save you from burning a hole in your pocket. This is how you can get value for money during the wee hours of the night. 

    In this blog, you will explore the right Airtel night plan code. It will be a suitable fit for your nocturnal requirements. You will also learn how to do an Airtel night plan, activation methods, and valuable tips to maximize your nighttime data usage. 

    Requirements to Activate Airtel Night Plan Code

    You need to follow some prerequisites to become eligible to activate your phone’s Airtel night plan code.

    Be an Airtel User

    You need to be an Airtel prepaid user to enjoy the benefits of this service . If you are not an Airtel user, you can switch to Airtel first and then use the Airtel night plan code.

    Active Prepaid Connection

    You need an active prepaid Airtel connection to activate this plan. This is an essential requirement to reap the benefits.

    Internet-ready Device

    Your device or smartphone should be able to connect to the internet. Without internet connectivity, you won’t be able to activate the Airtel night plan code.

    Smart Tips

    You are required to follow smart tips while activating the Airtel night plan code on your device. Following these tips would be beneficial for you. 

    Check Your Balance

    You need to ensure that you have sufficient balance before activating the Airtel night plan code. Without enough balance, you won’t be able to do the activation. 

    Know Your Needs

    On the other hand, you must also know how you use the internet. According to your internet usage needs, you have to select a specific Airtel night plan code. This is how you can get a value-for-money night plan. 

    Exploring Airtel Night Plan Code and More

    Airtel provides a wide range of night plans based on the data requirements of different users. Some of the popular Airtel night plan options are described below. The availability of these how to do options may vary depending on where you live. If you wish to know what is the code for Airtel night plan, then read the given details below.

    SmartTRYBE Night Packs

    This popular Airtel night plan has been specifically designed for youth and young-at-heart users. The SmartTRYBE plan provides awesome night deals. You can dial *412# to migrate to SmartTRYBE and explore all its options as per your needs. 

    250MB for ₹25

    This plan is valid between 12 AM and 5 AM. It is perfect for night owls who stay awake all night to browse emails or use social media. 

    Regular Night Packs

    This night pack is available for all Airtel users. This offers a wide range of data options. It is possible to get a suitable night plan for Airtel code. You can dial *121# to learn about the menu and select your preferred plans. Some of these plans are described below. 

    1GB for ₹79

    This plan is perfect for doing lighter web surfing or streaming music online. The validity may vary from user to user.

    3GB for ₹179

    If you wish to download movies for offline viewing or binge-watch shows online, then this pack is perfect. Its validity may also vary.

    40GB for ₹3346

    This night plan lasts 28 days, from 12 AM to 6 AM. This data booster is perfect for heavy nighttime users.

    Pro Tip: You must check the validity of a specific Airtel night sub plan before opting for it. Some plans may only offer a night plan for a few hours, while others may be valid for the entire night. You need to choose right code for night plan on Airtel.

    How to Activate Airtel Night Plan?

    If you wish to activate a specific Airtel night plan code on your smartphone, you can do it in any of the two ways described below. Keep reading to know how to do night plan on Airtel.

    USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Code Activation

    • Open your phone’s dial pad and type the relevant USSD code to activate a specific Code. You must type *121# for a regular night pack and *412# to activate SmartTRYBE night packs.
    • Now, you will see the on-screen instructions on the Airtel recharge menu. Follow the instructions as given.
    • Choose your preferred Airtel plan code from all the available options.
    • After choosing a specific night plan, you will receive a confirmation message once the plan is activated on your phone. Getting the code for the night plan on Airtel is essential.

    Airtel Thanks App

    • Download and then install this app from the App Store or Google Play Store
    • Login to your Airtel account
    • Go to the “Recharge and Payments” section
    • Now search for “Night Packs” and check out the available data plans
    • Choose your preferred Airtel plan Code and proceed with the recharge
    • Upon the successful activation, you will get the confirmation from the app

    More about Airtel Night Plans and Subscription Codes on SmartTRYBE (2024) here .

    How to Check Your Airtel Night Plan Code Balance?

    There are two ways to check your balance. The first way is to check it via USSD code, and the second is through My Airtel App.

    Via USSD Code

    Just dial *140# on your phone and press the call button. After a few moments, you will get an SMS informing you about your current data balance. You can know your balance free of cost anytime you want. Many people avail themselves of this hassle-free service.

    Via My Airtel App

    If you have the My Airtel App installed on your device, you can easily check your balance. This app also provides you with a detailed breakdown of data consumption and other data usage details. 

    How to Maximize Your Night Time Data Usage?

    Once you avail yourself of your preferred plan, you need to make the best use of it. Here are a few tips to maximize your nighttime data usage.

    Schedule Downloads

    You should utilize the nighttime window to download movies, large software updates, or other large files. Get the night plan for the Airtel code.

    Stream in Standard Definition

    Streaming using the standard definition will be better while binge-watching some series or watching other videos. Streaming in high definition may eventually exhaust your data pack. 

    Beware of Background Apps

    If some unnecessary apps run in the background, it will drain your data faster than you can think. So, you need to close all the background apps to save your data from being wasted. This is important regarding how to do a night plan on Airtel.

    Use Wi-Fi When Available

    If you have Wi-Fi available at night, you should use it for heavy data tasks like online gaming, video calls, etc. This is how you can preserve your mobile data to use it for mobile browsing or other essential purposes. 


    It has several benefits you can use best. Such night plans are very cost-effective for internet users at night. You can easily activate your preferred night plan as and when needed and utilize it as best as possible. For more information, you can always check out the official website of Airtel to learn about the latest Airtel plans and packs. You have to get the right code for the Airtel night plan.

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