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    All New IIT Delhi Updates: Everything you Need to Know

    One of India’s 23 IITs established as Centres of Excellence for training, research, and development in science, engineering, and technology is the IIT Delhi.

    Originally known as the College of Engineering, the Institute was renamed Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 1963 after being designated as an Institution of National Importance by the Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act.

    Over 48000 people have earned degrees from IIT Delhi since it was founded. There are various fields, including engineering, physical sciences, management, and humanities & social sciences. Nearly 5070 of them earned doctorates.

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to Host 2-Day R&D Fair in October

    The two-day research and development fair will bring together representatives from all 23 IITs in October to promote innovations in keeping with the Make in India and Digital India goals. A research and development fair called IInvenTiv will be held on the premises of IIT Delhi between October 14 and October 15. Six showcase projects, one from each of the top six IITs, will be presented.

    Fees in IIT Delhi

    The Institute of Information and Technology (IIT) Delhi stated on Friday that new post-graduate students who enrolled in the second semester of 2021–22 or later would have their tuition fees reduced. IIT Delhi reached this judgement based on the committee’s recommendations, which the Director had formed to examine a group of M.Tech students’ representations.

    IIT Delhi Admission   

    The preferred choice of the JEE Advanced top scorers is still the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay. According to data from this year, 93 of the top 100 JEE Advanced candidates chose IIT B as their first choice, followed by IIT Delhi and IIT Madras. Three candidates were accepted into IIT Madras, 69 students received seats at IIT Bombay, and 28 at IIT Delhi.

    IIT Delhi Notable Alumni      

    Alumni from IIT Delhi have made essential contributions to various fields in work as disparate as administrative services, active politics, or NGOs. Below is a list of this college’s Notable Alums, along with information on their careers-

    • Sachin and Binny Bansal

    Entrepreneurs Binny and Sachin are both graduated from IIT Delhi. They are most recognised for co-founding Flipkart in 2007.

    • Vinod Khosla

    Vinod Khosla is an American Indian millionaire businessman who co-founded Sun Microsystems and established Khosla Ventures.

    • Raghuram Rajan

    Nobody needs an introduction to the 23rd governor of the RBI and former chief economic adviser to the Indian government.

    • Deepinder Goyal

    IIT Delhi student boy Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of the well-known and adored food company Zomato, has distinguished himself.

    • Chetan Bhagat

    Chetan Bhagat works as a novelist, columnist, and motivational speaker.

    • Yashish Dahiya

    The CEO and co-founder of is Yashish Dahiya.

    • Kiran Bedi

    The previous lieutenant governor of Puducherry was Kiran Bedi. She is a national tennis player, politician, social activist, and renowned retired police officer.

    These alumni are entrepreneurs, business managers, scientists, and technicians. Several graduates have left their original fields and are now working in NGOs, administrative services, or active politics. They have made a substantial contribution to the development of this country as well as to global industrialisation. All updates of IIT Delhi are available on IIT Delhi official website.

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