An Easy Guide on How to Change Name in Aadhar Card Online

    Have you been seeking how to change your name in Aadhar card online? If you’ve found the proper site. We can give you details regarding the upgrade. We want you to know that the Aadhar card update is easier. You only need to take a few steps to complete the procedure.

    There are numerous ways to update an Aadhar Card, which is its best feature. Whether you choose an offline or an online technique, you have many options. Everything from how to change Aadhar card date of birth and other related issues is covered.

    What is an Aadhaar Card?

    The Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, issues Indian people with Aadhar Cards, 12-digit unique numeric identifications. This card is special since it contains your demographic and biometric data, which is utilized for all required authentication. The government has taken the initiative to provide free Aadhar cards to everyone and to make the process of applying for one voluntary at this time.

    These Adhar update documents are essential because they will be verified when you apply for an Aadhar and kept in the government’s central database. If you discover that some of the information needs changes in the Aadhar card because it was entered improperly, then you can do the needful regarding this. UIDAI has made it possible for you to amend or modify your Aadhar information. UIDAI offers offline and online tools for updating or modifying your Aadhar.

    How to Change Name in Aadhar Card Online?

    There are two methods for changing the name on an Aadhar card: online and offline. The easiest and most simple way to update your demographic information without needing to visit a Permanent Aadhar Centre is to modify the name on your Aadhar card online. On the official website of the UIDAI, you can update demographic data like name, date of birth, address, and language by entering the necessary information and uploading the necessary documents by following an uncomplicated process.

    Following these easy procedures will allow you to update the name on your Aadhar Card online:

    • Under the “Update Your Aadhar” heading on the “My Aadhar” tab, select the “Update Demographics Data Online” link.
    • Select the “Proceed to Update Aadhar” option as soon as the new tab appears.
    • To verify, you must input your 12-digit Aadhar number and captcha code. After providing accurate information, press the “Send OTP” button.
    • You will receive a six-digit OTP at the mobile number you have on file. You can edit your demographic information online after entering the OTP.
    • Modify the “Name” section, then click “Proceed” to submit the information. Using this option, you can also change your language, date of birth, and address through the Aadhar card address change form.
    • The following step requires you to provide supporting documentation or legal identification proofs relevant to the name update. Remember to upload the document on both sides and follow the file format and size instructions.
    • After submitting the information and the required paperwork, you will be forwarded to the page where you may pay for the name change.
    • An update request number, or URN, will be generated once the payment has been accepted. For reference, you can download the acknowledgment copy.

    Here, we’ll walk you through how to change the name on your Aadhar card online. By completing the Aadhar card update/correction form, you can amend any mistakes or change any of your data.

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