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    An Essential Guide for Picking a Perfect Gift for Any Special Occasion

    Purchasing the perfect gift can be troublesome, as different people have their own thoughts on an endowment. However, before a gift is purchased, you need to consider different things –

    • Occasion: Some specific gift items are kept for certain festivals and special events, which can’t be altered with each other
    • Person: It is the most vital part; you need to think about the proximity of your relationship before purchasing an item 
    • Budget: Finances are a key aspect of buying a gift. You can have the answer to questions like what do you want to buy? How much do you have? And how much would you like to invest?   

    But we have a solution for you; if you want to gift your parents, siblings, cousins, or partners, we present you with almowafir gift advisor, Gift Hunter. It will help you discover gifts with its in-built AI. 

    They will present you with the best suggestion.

    Let’s know a little more about them. 

    About Almowafir 

    If you are looking for offers and discounts on any product on any e-commerce platform, they have the solution for everything. 

    Almowafir is a Dubai-based advertising company that belongs to the GCC market. It is a public company founded in 2018. 

    And since then, they have been the leading provider of discounts and coupons to ensure that people in the Middle East can purchase any product at a lower price. 

    They have over 300,000 subscribers who get assisted by their voucher code platform. It allows people to browse their favorite stores and purchase whatever they want to buy coupons and vouchers range from fashion, nutrition, beauty, furniture, home decor, and more. Recently, the company has built an AI system, Gift Hunter, to help people to choose presents for their loved ones. So, let’s learn more about it. 

    Gifts for Men 

    It is unprecedented that AI can solve most human problems. The system can read the browser history and previous purchases for humans and recommends gifts based on that.

    AI can improve decision-making, especially for youngsters. And if you are looking to gift the love of your life, a co-worker, a friend, or a cousin, Gift Hunter has the perfect solution. 

    They consider the hobbies of men and then try to recommend gifts. You need to enter the relationship with the person and define your budget. Oh, and don’t forget to put the location of where the person lives too. That’d make the job much, much easier. 

    Gifts for Women 

    Whenever you implement AI in the e-commerce platform, especially for Almowafir, it studies the people’s comments and presents you with different gift choices.   

    Considering gifts for women, there are multiple items to choose from. Gift Hunter helps to select the thoughtful gift to enhance the occasion. 

    The system analyzes the area of interest; you can select a piece of art or a book. It will help to choose a book or an artwork. 

    Even if you consider choosing beauty and fashion items, they can help you select an exemplary product. For example, if you are looking for formal wear dresses for women, it will show you trendy options in this category, such as kaftans, blazer dresses, and more.

    Apart from selecting a relationship, you need to choose an occasion and price point, and then there are thousands of unique products for you to give.  

    Gifting your girl, sister, or mother has just become easy. 

    For Birthdays 

    If you are seeking advice for the best birthday gift, Gift Hunter can help you to choose the perfect item from its collection. 

    They have a direction you need to follow –

    • First, you need to choose the person’s area of interest
    • Age as you can’t mix children and adults, as they have different needs 
    • Choose the budget for your gift 
    • You can add a personal touch by articulating your thoughts on the person 


    If you want to gift your loved one on your anniversary, here is Gift Hunter that can benefit you in selecting the special gift to elevate the day and relationship. 

    By assessing their personal choices and areas of interest, they can choose gifts from their range of categories, from fashion to nutrition. 

    You can choose a bouquet or something uncommon—anything the person likes. 

    Due to the presence of AI, it can study recent trends and helps in presenting gift items to your screens. 

    Mostly it suggests a sentimental gift to make the other feel special and cheerful. 

    In The End

    Ultimately, Gift Hunter is a special addition to help you select the perfect gift, as AI helps present the perfect gift for your loved ones. So, if you need clarification, they are happy to help. And if you want to know more, comment on whatever’s going on in your mind below. 

    Till then, adieu.

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