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    Anil Agarwal Became the First Indian to List a Company on the London Stock Exchange: A Journey from Bihar to London

    The mining tycoon Anil Agarwal took to Twitter to recount how his company Vedanta was listed on the London Stock Exchange for the first time in 2003. Agarwal claimed that he planned to relocate to London quite rapidly.

    About Anil Agarwal

    Anil Agarwal founded Vedanta Resources Plc in 1976 and currently serves as its chairman. The business produced cables before becoming listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2003. In contrast, Agarwal took the business private in October 2019.

    First-generation businessman Anil Agarwal is from a tiny hamlet in Bihar. Now he resides in London. Agarwal is the first Indian entrepreneur to address one of the top debating organisations in the world.

    He shared memorable events from his entrepreneurial path with the students there. Agarwal inspired the children by stating that both success and failure are inevitable in life. The most crucial lesson Agarwal learned from his journey was never to give up.

    Vedanta Group Owner Stated his Journey

    ’Most of you know that I was the first Indian to successfully list his business on the London Stock Exchange in 2003. Let me explain how it all started, the complete tale’’, as reported by Anil Agarwal in a tweet.

    Agarwal, a first-generation businessman from a remote hamlet in Bihar who now calls London home, described what it was like to arrive at Heathrow airport. Something was magical about the foreign accents, the chilly weather, and the large, white buildings. Everyone who had spoken to me, “Choti chidiya bade aasmano me nahi uda karti,” came to memory. After an extended period, I experienced terror, Agarwal wrote.

    More on Vedanta Company

    Anil Agarwal, a metal and mining mogul, is in the headlines again; this time, it’s due to his announcement of an investment of $1.54 billion to establish a semiconductor chipset manufacturing facility in Gujarat in collaboration with Foxconn, a Taiwanese company.

    In the same sentence, Agarwal added to his initial commitment of 80,000 crores in the coastal state by announcing a 25,000 crore investment in Odisha, a crucial investment for Vedanta.

    Agarwal has access to plenty of cash, but that wasn’t always the case for the Bihari native who arrived in Mumbai in the 1970s knowing just the phrases “yes” and “no.”

    Agarwal established a mining and metals empire over the past fifty years and more. He also succeeded in getting Vedanta, the first Indian business listed on the London Stock Exchange.

    Anil Agarwal Net Worth

    After dominating the metals market, Agarwal has turned his attention to semiconductor chips, another key to today’s lifestyle. He has a net worth of $260 crores at the moment.

    What Triggered Founder Anil Agarwal Vedanta’s Listing on the London Stock Exchange

    Agarwal’s association with Harshad Mehta, however, was what ultimately led to Vedanta’s listing on the London Stock Exchange. To make a comeback, Mehta raised the prices of three equities, including Agarwal’s Sterlite, Videocon, and BPL.

    Agarwal became the first Indian to list a company on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) when he arrived in England and did so with Vedanta Resources in 2003.

    With the announcement of the 1.54 lakh crore investment in Gujarat, Anil Agarwal has changed his focus because the shortage of semiconductor chipsets is hurting the electronics and automotive industries globally. Nations are working to lessen their reliance on China for this essential piece of technology.

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