Are You Short on Cash Right Now? Use These 5 Pay Later Apps

    Nobody could have predicted the speed at which India is developing. Indian culture used to emphasise saving money before spending it—basically, earning money first. However, times have evolved. Buy now and pay later apps are one of the improvements Generation Z can credit millennials for.

    As the name implies, purchase now pays later applications in India offer a service that enables you to consume now and pay for it later. Learn more about the pay later apps list, purchase now pay later with EMI, and student paylater app in this article.

    What is the Concept of Buy Now Pay Later Apps?

    It began with credit cards. Indians have been reliant on credit cards for a very long time. The concept of pay later apps in India is credit card-based. Still, it’s a superior version of a credit card because you don’t even need a physical card or to go through the lengthy application and approval processes.

    It is a billing cycle. Considering that one might pay for everything every month, just like an electricity bill, don’t you find it fascinating? It does sound incredible.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    Before we get into what they offer, we need to understand how to buy now, and pay later applications to work in India. Here are some fundamentals of how the buy now pay later apps function:


    • Get credit instantly
    • Safe payments
    • Simple to do
    • Decide to pay with EMIs at no interest


    • Impulsive shopping
    • penalty for late payment of dues
    • Opposite reaction on Credit score

    Best 5 Pay Later Apps in India

    Let’s talk about some of the top pay later apps for you to choose from after knowing the benefits and drawbacks of buy now pay later apps in India.

    1. Slice

    One of the top applications for people without credit cards. The explanation is that slice performs like a miracle for people without credit cards. You can receive a cashback of up to 50% when you make purchases on sites like Myntra. Sparks are the name of this function in Slice.

    2. Zest Money

    This app will certainly live up to its tagline, “less price to pay, more time to pay.” Simply download it, fill out your profile, submit your KYC, enable automatic repayments, and then use whatever you like.

    3. LazyPay

    This well-known app offers buy now, pay later. The highlights of LazyPay include the following:

    • KYC process without paper.
    • Instant credit line.
    • Scan, pay, or employee UPI.

    4. Amazon Pay Later

    Most people are drawn to Amazon, the greatest e-commerce site, by its unique products and attractive deals. Additionally, the option to pay later has since appeared. The following are some things to understand regarding Amazon Pay Later:

    • Credit line with no interest.
    • Use it for shopping, paying bills, and getting food.
    • EMIs are available for three to twelve months.

    5. Paytm Postpaid

    Paytm Postpaid offers the same excellent service that Paytm has offered throughout the history of UPI, as it is well known. With Paytm Postpaid, you can receive a great credit of Rs. 60,000.


    By this point, you are familiar with buy now pay later apps in India. It is advisable to examine the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether or not to use these apps. The apps mentioned above are advised if you decide to proceed.

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