As a Follow-Up to Apple, Google May Start Manufacturing Pixel Phones in India

    Google could soon begin making its Pixel phones in India. According to a recent internet report, Google will move most of its smartphone manufacturing out of China. This could benefit India by giving it a significant portion of smartphone production.

    The Information reports that Google Pixel phone production is shifting to India due to the harsh Covid-19 lockdowns and rising geopolitical tensions between the US and China.

    Google Pixel Mobile Phones Manufacturing

    According to the source, Alphabet has reportedly received proposals from Indian manufacturers to produce 500,000 to 1 million Pixel smartphones or 10% to 20% of the device’s projected yearly manufacturing.

    Based on this figure, it appears that Google will progressively move the production of its Pixel smartphones to a few specific Asian subcontinents, like Vietnam and India, over the next several days. However, China will continue to dominate because most components are still produced in China, with final assembly taking place solely in India.

    Will Pixel Phones Come to India?

    According to the source, Sundar Pichai, the company’s chief executive officer, had hinted at a plan to manufacture in India earlier this year. Still, no decision has been made as of yet.

    If accepted, it will still be necessary to import Chinese components to be used in India’s manufacturing procedures. Another prospective manufacturing hub that Alphabet is researching is Vietnam.

    On October 6, Google will unveil the new Pixel 7 series and its first wristwatch.

    Effect on Buyers of Pixel Phones in India

    Under the government’s Make in India plan, prices of Google’s products sold in India may decrease if the company chooses to manufacture a sizable portion of them there. However, price reductions cannot be guaranteed, even if they occur. Although Apple intends to produce the iPhone 14 series in India, the entire cost is still roughly 40% higher than in other regions, such as the US.

    Google’s entry-level Pixel 4A series has primarily been made available in India. It has now been revealed that the Pixel 6A is more expensive than its predecessor, the Pixel 5A.

    The latest edition of the iPhone, the iPhone 14, was revealed on September 7, and according to reports, Apple is preparing to start producing it in India. Google is not the only tech company considering the country for Pixel phone assembly.

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