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    When education and students faced a crisis due to a coronavirus-led pandemic, Avodha, a Kochi startup, is one of its kind, especially in the education sector, was very helpful. Avodha offers different courses in many vernacular languages apart from English. The best part about this educational startup is that they consider the financial condition of the students while structuring the fees for the students. More about this upskill platform is in the paragraphs following.

     Upskilling Courses by Avodha

    One of the main USPs of this learning platform is that most online learning platforms offer courses in English. But as many as 20 courses in different regional languages like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam are included in the Avodha courses. Moreover, this vernacular course learning platform offers as many as six courses in Hindi too.

    Fees for the Avodha Careers Courses

    The students through Avodha shell out a small amount as upfront fees, constituting just one-fourth of total course fees. The remaining fees are paid by the student only after he gets into a job in the same field in which the student has completed the course. The company, in its release, revealed this same thing. Apart from the software courses, this learning platform also offers hardware courses. This has made this round education imparting platform the first start-up in the country to have provided hardware skill development, as claimed by the company.

    The company’s online hardware courses include a laptop, AC, and mobile repair engineering, as stated by Avodha head Joseph E. George.

    The students can also switch courses provided at least 30% of the course that has not been completed. You are not to be charged for switching. As of September 2021, the cost of every course was INR 12,800. But students had to make a payment of INR 2,800 upfront.

    Avodha provides as many as 23 upskilling courses. And these courses include coding, digital marketing, and accountancy. There are 500 plus employees, 70,000 plus students, and 1500 plus freelancers associated with the company. This company’s job platform is where Avodha is related to corporate stalwarts like Bank of Baroda, TCS, SBI Caps, and Infosys that provide entry-level jobs to the students of Avodha.

    Advanced data science is also used by the company with the help of which it maps the skill gaps in an individual’s profile, with the help of which they create an ecosystem in which the system can identify a skill gap in the profiles of the individuals and builds learning and other solutions depending on the requirement.

    Avodha has revolutionized the way students have been availing of online courses during the times of the pandemic by allowing students to access industry-demanding courses in vernacular languages.

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