Bajaj Pulsar N 150 Launched- 5 Things You Must Know

    Bajaj Pulsar N 150 has just been launched, and the company is trying hard to expand the Pulsar lineup gradually. It was in 2021 that the first line of new-generation Pulsars was launched, and they were N250 and F250.

    They were followed by the two on close heels, the N160 and P150. One surprise the company gave its consumers was the launch of Bajaj Pulsar N 150. However, the launch did not replace the Pulsar P150 or older Pulsars. It only indicates that all three 150 cc Pulsars will continue to be on sale.

    Below are five essential aspects you must know about the Pulsar N150. So, delve deeper into the facts.

    We have seen that the model gets its looks or appearance from N160. As such, the headlamp, LED projector, side panels, fuel tank, and tail lamp come from the looks of N160. As far as the colors are concerned, these bikes will be available in three colors. These include Racing Red, Metallic Pearl White, and Ebony Black.

    • What about the engine?

    The same engine powers the Bajaj Pulsar N 150 as in the case of Pulsar P150. There are four strokes, 149.68 cc, and single-cylinder-FI unit. These engines cool air and generate a maximum power of 14.3 bhp, as well as a peak torque of 13.5 Nm. When it comes to the gearbox, it is a 5-speed one.

    • Hardware status of Pulsar N 150

    Bajaj Auto uses a tubular frame. Telescopic forks suspend the tubular frame in the front, and the rear has a mono-shock—a drum brake at the back and a disc in the front that takes care of the braking.

    • Features

    The Pulsar N150 has a digital instrument cluster. Bajaj calls it the Infinity Display Console owing to the minimal bezels. You will find a USB port placed on top of the fuel tank. You can use it as a mobile charger. Also, a single-channel ABS completes the list of enticing features.

    • Bajaj Pulsar N 150 Price and what variants are available?

    As of September 2023, the Bajaj Pulsar N 150 price was INR 1, 17,677, the ex-showroom cost Delhi. Also, as of the same date, the model was available in just a single variant. The ground clearance is 165mm, the fuel capacity is 14 liters, and the wheels are alloyed along with the saddle height of 790 mm.

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