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    What Are Some Trending Blockchain Resources in India 2022?

    What is blockchain resource?

    The Indian government is in the process of regulating cryptocurrencies, but it has not yet taken a stand on the blockchain. India is one of the largest remittance markets globally, which means that there are many Indians who have moved abroad and sent money back to their families in India.

    According to World Bank data, it is estimated that Indians living abroad sent home $69 billion in 2018. And remittances from India to other countries are expected to grow by 5% annually over the next decade. While cryptocurrencies might not be legal, they will still be used for cross-border transactions.

    Blockchain is a technology that was introduced as a public ledger for Bitcoin transactions. It has since evolved to be used in many other aspects of our lives, from healthcare to finance and even the arts. Blockchain Resources is an online directory of all the blockchain companies, start-ups, and resources.

    Here are some of the best trending blockchain resources in India 

    • Polygon 

    Polygon is one of the top trending blockchain resources in 2022. Polygon has developed a decentralised platform (based on the Plasma framework) that allows for speedier and lower-cost transfers on the main chain. Polygon just received an unknown amount of cash from Mark Cuban, a tech tycoon and ‘Shark Tank’ celebrity. It has a staff of developers and designers who work on essential innovative blockchain architecture services. Along with that, its customer base spans the United States, Europe, and Australia. 

    • KrypC

    This blockchain resource helps enterprises develop, organize and manage solutions for blockchain. V-Board Framework and KrypCore Studio are included. KrypCore Studio is mainly a moderate blockchain application and development studio that assists businesses in converting their novel use-cases into various blockchain solutions. It helps them innovate faster by removing time-consuming, complex, and resource-concentrated development processes while using minimal code.

    • SoluLab

    Another one of the top trending blockchain resources in India. For the finance, healthcare, education, real estate industries, and media, SoluLab develops enterprise-class blockchain solutions. It offers private blockchain, app development services, IoT integration with blockchain assets, and utilising the power of AI to acquire relevant information for blockchain-based applications, among other blockchain development services and solutions. 

    • Hyperlink Infosystem

    In 2019, Hyperlink Infosystem entered the AI, IoT space, and the blockchain market. Currently, this B2B start-up provides solutions for enterprises’ blockchain needs, including cryptocurrency wallets, Hyperledger blockchain development, Ethereum cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and private blockchain. Hyperlink Infosystem is not only one of the trending blockchain resources in India, 2022, but also has expanded its network in the global market such as UAE, USA, UK, Canada, and France. 

    • Bitdeal

    This blockchain resource has a broad range of corporate blockchain solutions that interface with existing company processes to speed digital transformation. The cryptocurrency exchange progress services comprise bitcoin exchange script, P2P crypto exchange script, cryptocurrency exchange script, crypto exchange clone script, hybrid crypto exchange script, decentralised exchange script, cryptocurrency wallet development, DApp development, and blockchain development. Bitdeal also provides development services for a cryptocurrency wallet, such as hardware wallets, web wallets, software wallets, and desktop wallets. 

    Each and every blockchain resource described above is essential and relevant in regard to blockchain. The more you know on these aspects, the better it will be for you.

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