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    Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022 – Know Your Options

    More and more people are turning to cryptocurrencies as a popular vehicle for investment. Although the market for digital currency is highly volatile, the fact that trading can be started with a little amount and the returns are good has made it so prominent in the financial markets. Here, let us find out the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in. 

    Penny cryptocurrency 2022- Explore your options

    Check out the list of the top 9 penny cryptocurrency to buy now.

    • Tether 

    Tether is one cryptocurrency that is not as volatile as its counterparts. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in because it is a stable value digital currency. 

    • USD Coin

    USD Coin (USDC) is pegged to the United States dollar. It is a stable digital coin and runs on Hashgraph, Hedera, Tron, Ethereum, Stellar, Solana, and Algorand systems. This is one of the best penny cryptos to spend money on. 

    • XRP

    Ripple technology serves as a digital payment network and cryptocurrency, one of the prominent cryptocurrencies. Ripple was founded by Ryan Fugger and Jed McCaleb, their angel investor, Chris Larsen. XRP is a good investment option. 

    • Dogecoin

    Dogecoin is another cryptocurrency that you can invest in 2022. Starting in 2013, this open-source cryptocurrency was set up by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It was initially created as a light-hearted, fun-filled joke whose appeal would in due course go beyond the Bitcoin audience. 

    • Shiba Inu

    Dubbed as a Dogecoin killer, Shina Inu was created in August 2020. On May 13th, VitalikButerin donated approximately USD$1 billion (50 trillion SHIB) as per the value to the Covid-Crypto relief Fund in India. You can consider investing in this cryptocurrency, one of the best investment options in 2022. 

    • Binance USD

    Binance USD or BUSD is a 1:1 USD backed stable coin that has been approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services and issued by Binance. It is a reliable marketplace and strives to become a provider of healthy trading platforms of a wide range of crypto assets. 

    • Coin Coin is the native digital currency of the Chain. It is a decentralized and open-source blockchain developed by payment, financial services, and trading companies. 

    • TerraUSD

    TerraUSD (UST) is Terra blockchain’s decentralized and algorithmic stable coin. It is pegged to the United States dollar and is scalable and yield bearing. 

    • Stellar 

    This is an open network and one of the best penny cryptocurrencies you can invest in the current year. It aids financial firms in connecting through blockchain technology. 

    The names of Penny cryptocurrency 2022 options are mentioned above. It is best to compare each one of them in terms of returns, ease of access, volatility, and prevailing market conditions to name a few.

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