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    Best Smart Home Security Cameras in India

    Every single individual these days are highly dependent on technology for every aspect of their life. Communication, transportation, entertainment, business, everything these days have to depend on technology. Also, because of this advanced and innovative technology, the matter of safety and security has been enhanced. And one of the best contributions of advanced technology for safety and security is security cameras or CCTV cameras. First, larger organizations and businesses corporations started to use CCTV cameras for security measurements. Initially, installing CCTV cameras was considered as an expensive work which only can be done by the big companies. But now, with the help of affordable and easily accessible technology, any individual these days can implement CCTV cameras in their home. And the most important thing is that whoever can install CCTV cameras in their home, definitely should because it has a wide range of benefits. For instance, monitoring newborn babies; keeping eyes on older parents for any emergencies, safeguarding from criminals; a great device for providing proof regarding any situation and quite helpful got the police. Security cameras or CCTV cameras has a wide range of features and benefits that can be really useful for our daily life. 

    Best CCTV Camera Brand in India 2021


    Panasonic is one of the popular brands in the Indian market for its home appliances product. Now, this brand also provides premium-quality security cameras. The few best features of its CCTV cameras are High Sensitivity with Day Night Function, Stable Focus in Both Colour And B/W Modes, and Horizontal Resolution: 650 TVL.


    LG is a South Korean conglomerate multinational corporation and it also has successfully expanded its business in the Indian market. LG also provides CCTV cameras with innovative features. Privacy Mask, Auto Tone Control, and Motion Detection are the key features of the CCTV cameras provided by LG.


    Sony is one of the well-known technological brands in the Indian market. It also provides high-quality CCTV cameras. The few best features of its CCTV cameras are Real Shot Manager Lite, Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction, and Horizontal Resolution: 720 TVL. Sony makes IP and NVR based CCTV cameras.


    Bosch is a German multinational technology and engineering company that provides quality CCTV cameras. Auto-black – boosts contrast in fog or low visibility, On-screen menu for easy set-up, Higher sensitivity at night, and Colour fidelity – improves color reproduction, all these are key features of Bosch CCTV camera.

    Surveillance cameras for homes from these brands are the best options that will give a wide range of features for CCTV cameras at an affordable price. 

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    Best Outdoor Security Camera System in India

    Lorex 8MP 4K IP Bullet Security Camera

    Key features of this CCTV camera are metal exterior, efficient weather capabilities, long-range night color vision, and 4K resolution for recording, among many others. It is one of the IP CCTV cameras that is quite easy to install and provides several customizable features. One of the main cutting-edge features of this camera is the 8.51 MP image sensor.

    Hikvision 2MP Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera

    It is one of the most affordable options when it comes to saving the electric bill because this CCTV camera only consumes 4W and that means it will hardly increase the electric bill. Plus, its key features are a 2-megapixel high-performance CMOS sensor, HD analogue output up to 1080p resolution, with 360 degrees rotation feature.

    Godrej Security Solutions 2MP Bullet Camera

    This CCTV camera is perfect for day and night and ensures high security for the family. Individuals will be able to access the recordings through their smartphones, tablets or laptops, whichever option is feasible. Key features of this CCTV camera are 720p/ 1080p Lite HD quality video along with 360 degrees rotation feature.

    Best Security Camera with Cloud Storage in India

    Google Nest

    One of the best CCTV cameras with the feature of cloud storage. This range of CCTV cameras is quite stylish and effective. It has a wide range of features such as 24/7 live video, night vision, a 3-hour snapshot history, among many others. It is also easy to install.


    This brand provides a wide range of security cameras. Key features of the security cameras provided by this brand are Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, Stick Up Cam, 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View. It is easy to install and also quite affordable.


    It is another brand that provides the best security cameras with cloud storage. Any individual will be able to install this CCTV camera with its easy DIY installation guidance. The Arlo Home Security Camera system is completely wireless. However, its features are limited to security lights and night vision.


    One of the best wireless CCTV cameras with a cloud storage option. Key features of the CCTV cameras provided by this brand are 1080P Full HD non-stop monitoring, Weather-resistant for outdoor, and Works with Alexa.

    CCTV Camera for Home with Mobile Connectivity

    QIWA 1080p Full HD 360 Degree CCTV Wi-Fi Camera

    Key features of this camera are full HD Wi-Fi IP camera, Two-way Audio IP Camera, Motion Activation, and Night Vision. It is easy to set up. Quite affordable. It can be accessed far away from home. Anywhere and at any time individuals will be able to check the CCTV camera recording with their smartphone.

    QUBO Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

    Key features of this camera are Intruder Alarm System, 24×7 Live Remote Monitoring, 1080p Full HD 2MP Camera, 2-Way Talk, Infrared Night Vision, and Works with Google and Alexa. Anywhere and at any time individuals will be able to check the CCTV camera recording with their smartphone.

    Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 Security Camera

    Key features of this camera are 360° panoramic view, motorized tilt and pan, Wi-Fi connectivity, AI motion detection, 2 MP Full HD (1080p) with 120° FOV, Crystal clear IR night vision, and 128 GB microSD card which allows 60 days recording. Works with Google and Alexa.

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