Blog versus Vlog – Which Is Better?

    By now, Vlog meaning is familiar to everyone. When you try to connect with your audience and narrate a story through a video and not just text alone, you are into vlogging and not just blogging. With the help of daily vlogs, you successfully attract many prospective leads or clients that often sign up or subscribe to your online channel for vlog video and return to know more about your niche area provided you can connect well with them with your invaluable inputs. 

    Vlogging helps in keeping your visitors glued to your website. This also holds for a blog. Both help in keeping the target audience engaged, thereby enhancing your brand image and brushes up your expertise in online marketing strategy

    In this article, let us find out more about Vlog and points to consider when you try to compare a blog and a vlog

    Vlog can never be a substitute for blogging

    Although video content is more interesting to look at, when it comes to search engine optimization, Google cannot watch videos. It means that the search engine major will not be able to index vlogs. So, if you are adding a video to your content, make sure that you add a few lines of the summary of the video that is related to it. The best way to relate and get your content indexed is by embedding the video in a blog post. 

    By doing so, you can be sure that Google will show your post on the SERP or search results page. Developing a video transcript is always appreciated and will also make your video content more accessible. 

    Blog or Vlog – What you must consider?

    Whether a blog is suitable over a vlog or vice versa depends on a few factors. These are as follows-

    • What topic do you choose?

    While there are a few topics that you can write on, there are others that can be better expressed with the help of a video. If the topics are difficult, you will find that it is easier to explain them in a blog. Vlog must be short and cannot exceed a certain time. And if you have in mind to make a vlog on a topic that is difficult and you are determined to make videos of the same, make sure you create a series of such videos. 

    • Your audience

    Blog or vlog will depend on the type of audience you have. Older people will like reading through the column but the younger crowd will enjoy watching videos. So, you must consider the type of audience you are trying to connect with. However, both vlog and blog offer ample opportunity to bridge the gap with your audience. This is because blogs and vlogs have a comment section where your visitors can leave their comments. 

    • Resources at your disposal

    If you are planning to make a video, you must have a good camera or at least a phone that has an excellent resolution and will provide high-quality images. Similarly, if you are writing a blog, the theme, the content planning is equally important. 

    In a nutshell, whether you must use daily vlogs or blogs will depend on your need and business requirement, your objectives, resources at your disposal, and time within which you must reach your audience, type of audience, and the points above.

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    Daniyel Chatterjee
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