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    Do AirPods Stick to MacBook

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    Apple is known for its innovative and premium quality products. Many large tech firms are still struggling to compete with Apple because of its innovative and advanced ideas of products. Apple mainly focuses on technological innovations along with the trendy demands and requirements of the consumers. Focusing on these two factors, one of the unique innovations that the company has included in their product is magnetic power. One of the best-selling products of Apple, the MacBook, has magnets that would help you in a way that you could never have thought of.

    Yes, you can stick your AirPods to MacBook if you tend to lose your small AirPods. If you have to leave immediately for some emergency work and don’t have the time to keep your AirPods safe place where you would remember, then here is the solution for you. You can just stick your AirPods right above your MacBook screen and leave it like that because it’s not going to go anywhere, staying right in front of your MacBook. Later, even if you forget where you put your AirPods, you will be able to find it quite easily as it is tightly stuck to your laptop.

    How is it possible?

    Now the question is, are AirPods magnetics or MacBooks? The answer is that both of them are magnetics. Apple has developed their products quite intelligently that no one else could have thought about this technique; not even the hardest working tech nerds have thought about it.

    Commonly, AirPods are magnetic because they are pretty tiny speakers, and small speakers work via the magic of electromagnetics. Therefore, they are magnetic. Most tech-savvy individuals have this knowledge. But what most people don’t know, not even most tech-savvy individuals, is that their MacBooks also have the power of magnets. After discovering that one can stick their AirPods on MacBook, it has been analysed that most Apple laptops are comprised of magnets near the top rim of the screen and corresponding ones along with the front of the base. The primary function of these magnets on the top edge of the screen is that when you close your laptop without completely shutting it down, these magnets give the laptop the signal to go to sleep mode.

    So, yes, in a pretty fun way, you can stick your AirPods to your MacBook without having the tension of losing them. However, it would be better to maintain some precautions like sticking your AirPods frequently to your MacBook is not a smart option. As stated before, these magnets give the Apple Laptop signals for going into sleep mode, so there is a high chance that if you frequently stick your AirPods to MacBook, then it can hamper the internal processes of the MacBook. Additionally, AirPods comes with a unique case where you can put it together and charge them. So, you should keep your AirPods in that case rather than always sticking them to your MacBook.

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