Do You Have fancode? Explore The Amazing Platform for Sports Lovers

    Sports enthusiasts always look for websites that offer live sports content, sports news, live scores, and analysis of games. Do you want to prove yourself smart in front of friends by telling them about such a website? Then fancode is your hidden hem.

    What is fancode?

    Dream Sports, which owns the popular sports site Dream11, has a multi-sport aggregator platform called fancode. The platform offers live streaming of sports content, match scores, fantasy sports statistics, game-related analysis, and tips for users. The platform has emerged popular, claiming 15 million app downloads until April 2020.


    Yannick Colaco and Prasana Krishnan founded the company in 2019. The same year, it received streaming rights for I-League, India, from Lex Sportel Vision. The company purchased the streaming rights for National Football League and the American football league in 2020.

    Unleashing the Power of Sports

    The unique platform brings the power of live sports right to the fingertips of fans. They can stay connected with their favorite teams and athletes. Whether cricket, football, basketball, or tennis, it offers an extensive range of live international matches, tournaments, and leagues. Fans can access real-time cricket scores, highlights, expert analyses, and exclusive interviews, making it a one-stop solution for sports lovers.

    Unparalleled User Experience:

    One of its key benefits is its exceptional user experience. The platform boasts a clean and engaging interface for users to navigate easily. It offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences, ensuring that fans never miss out on the action. The seamless streaming experience and high-quality video and audio create a unique environment.

    Comprehensive Coverage:

    The site goes beyond live matches and scores, providing fans comprehensive coverage of various sports. It offers in-depth statistics, player profiles, team analysis, and even fantasy sports leagues. Whether users are looking for pre-match figures, analysis after the game, or exclusive unseen content from the stadium, FanCode delivers it.

    Interactive Features

    fancode understands the importance of community among sports fans. The platform attracts fans by enabling them to connect and share their opinions. Users can join live chats, polls, and discussions, creating a sense of passion for the game. FanCode’s social features create a vibrant and inclusive sports community where fans can connect, cheer, and celebrate.

    Accessibility and Affordability:

    FanCode takes pride in its commitment to accessibility and affordability. Recognizing that everyone should enjoy sports, regardless of location or financial condition, FanCode offers its services at a reasonable cost. The platform ensures that fans can access their favorite matches without breaking the bank, making it an excellent option.


    fancode has changed how sports fans consume and engage with their favorite sports. With complete coverage, attractive features, and an easy interface, it’s a leader in the sports streaming industry. Whether you’re a cricket, football, or basketball fanatic, it’s an unrivaled platform.

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