Dyavol X: The First Entrepreneurial Venture of Aryan Khan

    Bollywood star kids are only sometimes keen to follow in their parent’s footsteps and take up acting. This is what used to be some decades ago. Their parents, too, are not very interested in seeing them acting in movies as the only career choice but instead groom them to choose different careers. One such recent example is Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, who decided to become an entrepreneur without completely giving up the legacy of being creative with audiovisual media. After graduating from the University of California in 2020, he co-founded Slab Ventures, which launched the luxury streetwear brand Dyavol X on March 30, 2023. This is Aryan’s first shot at entrepreneurship alongside two other founders, Bunty Singh and Leti Blagoeva, and he even directed his father in a promotional ad campaign.

    Dyavol X Receives Extensive Bollywood Patronage

    As expected, the newly launched clothing brand started receiving the instant patronage of other young Bollywood actors, such as Alia Bhatt and Shanaya Kapoor, who dressed in the brand’s clothing and posted pictures on social media. Incidentally, Alia Bhatt is already an entrepreneur who launched her apparel brand Ed-a-Mamma in 2020, meant for kids in the age group 2-12 years. In just three years, the brand is worth Rs.150 crore, and recently, Reliance Industries acquired a 51% stake in the company.

    Besides being the brand’s owner, Aryan Khan is also a model for the brand as he appears in the Dyavol X clothes and several pictures posted on social media as part of the promotional and marketing campaigns. Shah Rukh Khan remains closely involved with the brand. Not only did he appear in a short ad film for the brand, but his pictures dressed in various outfits, such as Tees and jackets, are a must-see on Dyavol X’s website.

    What’s Behind The Brand Name?

    Amidst claims of Dyavol X clothes being unique and funky, there is also a lot of curiosity among people about the origin of the brand’s name, which is truly unique. The name Dyavol is unique because it sounds outlandish, but there seems to be a method in the madness because the name is not without meaning.  Dyavol is a Slavic word that means Devil, which uniquely appeals to Generation Alpha, the target customers of luxury clothing. The brand’s clothing range includes T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, dresses and more.

    The name might be new to most people. Still, those following the young entrepreneurs should know that the founder trio introduced the brand to consumers in December 2022 by launching the Dyavol vodka.

    Company Profile

    Incorporated on December 06, 2022, the company’s legal name is Dyavol Unlimited. It started its journey with private funds. Until now, the company has not approached a financer, and no institutions or angel investors are behind it. Designated as a multi-category luxury streetwear company in the Retail and consumer Goods segments, it aims to serve the B2C space with the internet-first approach.

    Limited Edition Launch

    Dyavol X clothes are only for some, as evidenced by the price tag of the luxury apparel.  Soon after the maiden launch of a few selected items on the brand’s website on March 30, people did not hesitate to point out the hefty price of the jackets. Soon after the launch and during an interaction with Shah Rukh Khan, the brand’s ambassador, people expressed their dismay over the exorbitant price of the jackets. They felt one had to give away houses to buy those, especially signed by Shah Rukh Khan. The first drop included 30 Signature X jackets signed by Shah Rukh Khan, three hoodies, two sweatshirts, and two tees.

    The sweatshirts and hoodies were monochromatic, but the T-shirts had a quirky design of a Duck closely resembling Donald Duck gone rogue. The design ideas of the clothing are abstract, but the creations are pretty attractive to the target customers, mainly the group that just stepped out of their teens.

    Dyavol X is a new-age brand that attempts to gain mileage from the popularity of the drop culture, an online retail trend that creates hype and desire. The company will continue delivering small collections in limited runs throughout the year.

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