Ergonomic Benefits of Samsung Curved Monitor

    We have seen that most of the flat wide screens available these days are far right. They also have a left screen further away. However, since human vision has a curvature, the Samsung curved monitor stands out from its peers. Not having a curved monitor can also strain the human eye considerably. In this article, let us find out more about the benefits of the Samsung curved monitor.

    Samsung curved monitor -Beneficial Features

    There is a new generation of monitors, which include the likes of Samsung S65UA widescreen and Samsung S95UA screens that are titled and have an inward curve. This feature has gained a lot of prominence in the workplace these days. However, there is much more to lessening the eye strain. Let us check out these features here.

    Benefits of a curved Samsung monitor

    In the new setup, the curved monitor usually resembles a human eye. Some of the features that you can enjoy include-

    • Better comfort,
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Improved efficiency
    • Aesthetics sleeker
    • Desk space availability is better than the predecessors
    • Visual quality is much better

    How do the curved displays help? Aside from imparting good looks, they can be applied in various work environments. From being used at creative agencies to production studios, medical fields, and engineering labs, the uses are galore.

    How does the Samsung curved monitor help?

    It puts less strain on the eye. A scientific reason backs this. While the research was being carried out in 2020, the researchers involved compared the curved monitor with that of the conventional flat screens; it was found that the curved Samsung monitors offered speed and accuracy and, most importantly, reduced fatigue to a great extent. The results matched the incidence of the screen’s curvature, the impact it had on the eye of the users, and the angles. It was concluded as part of the study that curved screens offered a higher level of visual performance and extended greater comfort to the users.

    Immersive work canvas

    Another feature of the Samsung curved monitor is its immersive work canvas. These screens benefit individuals in fields like video production and motion graphics. The granularity and the screen’s color usually do not drop at the edges.


    As per research conducted by the National Research Foundation Korea in 2017, the productivity of the curved monitors was confirmed.

    It is a significant win for the digital workforce, especially those who bank upon multitasking. These employees are required to switch between apps and browser tabs, as well as shortcut keys. With this Samsung curved monitor, this curved edge feature has proved to be a boon for the workforce.

    Last but not least, you must ensure that to make these devices a success, it is essential that you opt for the ones that support WQHD or broad quad high definition and nothing below this.

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