Everything You Need to Know about CryptoPunks

    What are CryptoPunks?

    CryptoPunks are digital collectibles that you can buy, sell, and trade on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoPunks NFT is digital collectibles that you can buy, sell, and trade on the Ethereum blockchain. Phil Murphy created these virtual creatures as an experiment in 1997. You can purchase these CryptoPunks with Ether or Bitcoin, and they are stored in a wallet.

    It can also be said that CryptoPunks is a game in which you can buy, trade, and breed new CryptoPunks. In the game, you can buy and sell CryptoPunks NFT on the marketplace and trade with other players. The most exciting part of the game is breeding new CryptoPunks by combining two different ones to get a unique offspring.

    Types of CryptoPunks

    CryptoPunks NFTs are divided into five categories. Male, female, ape, zombie, and aliens are among them. Every one of these CryptoPunks may have different characteristics or accoutrements. Regardless of the accoutrements, these CryptoPunks NFTs can be valuable depending on the type. For instance, there are 6039 male punks. In comparison to other varieties of punks, these aren’t uncommon objects.

    Number of Male CryptoPunks – 6,039

    Number of Female CryptoPunks – 3,840

    Number of Ape CryptoPunks – 24

    Number of Zombie CryptoPunks – 88

    Number of Alien CryptoPunks – 9

    However, there are only nine alien CryptoPunks, making them highly unusual. 3100 number CryptoPunk, in particular, is an alien, and the price of this punk was $10.67 million! Other alien CryptoPunks also have a high price point.

    CryptoPunks Price

    Each CryptoPunks NFT is unique and does not have any second piece, and it increases their price range relatively high and high demanded. In the CryptoPunks Project, approximately 10,000 exclusive collectible characters are present, and each has a pretty high value in the crypto market.

    In the current market, The CryptoPunks NFTs price level is a little under 73 ETH, implying that the cheapest CryptoPunks may be purchased for more than $215,000. CryptoPunks’ prices are currently down compared to their 2022 start of roughly $250,000, but the price level has climbed since its February low of around $150,000. The average 24-hour trade volume on CryptoPunks is $2-3 million USD.

    According to many research and reports, the cheapest CryptoPunks right now is offered at just 72 ETH. In 2021, the typical bid for a CryptoPunk was 58.76 ETH (USD 170,000). In October 2021, a strange sale occurred wherein number 9998 CryptoPunk was acquired for a stunning $532 million.

    CryptoPunks NFTs are the original NFT collections. They sell for an average of $350,000 to $500,000. Some of the CryptoPunks have made millions of dollars. Punk #5822, the most expensive CryptoPunk, sold for $23.7 million on February 12th, 2022. Punk #5577 had traded for 2,500 ETH, or USD 7.7 million, just days ago.

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