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    Exploring About How to Login to Airtel Portal in 2023

    Customers of Airtel can now utilise the Airtel Portal Login to send or receive money quickly from their bank accounts. You can make purchases via NFC, or near-field communication, eliminating the need to carry currency.

    With more than 348.3 million users, Airtel is the second-largest mobile network in the nation, as is well known. The company has introduced the AirtelTez login portal to offer a variety of services to its customers.

    What is the Tez Airtel Portal?

    The digital transition is changing the financial sector. People can transfer money today without connecting to a bank account. The tech industry has developed E-wallets and other online systems that securely send money to users, regardless of a registered bank. Telecommunications firms are embracing the banking trend by enabling online transactions for customers. Millions of customers of India’s Airtel network (Telecommunications Company) have access to simple, safe, and quick payment methods.

    The Airtel TEZ portal is the foundation of Airtel’s Airtel Payment system. Using the Airtel TEZ app or portal, registered Airtel users can send money in a variety of ways. The Airtel network uses near-field telecommunications (NFC) for efficient transfers to use the service.

    The Mitra app was essential but slow; the Airtel retailer portal is a straightforward and quick solution. Users of the Airtel portal can access several payment services without having a bank account. For the purpose of signing up and using other payment services, the user needs a LAPU number.

    Airtel Tez App

    In addition to the portal services, Airtel customers can use the Airtel TEZ app to access money services. The software can be used on iOS devices as well as Android devices. The following steps can be used to use the app:

    • Click this link to access the official Airtel TEZ portal:
    • Look on the homepage for the Airtel TEZ app.
    • Enter your Airtel payment bank retailer login information after that, then follow the page’s instructions.
    • The user can now use the TEZ app services on a new page that will appear.

    Login Procedure for Airtel Tez

    • Visit the internet page for Airtel TEZ.
    • To access the account, open the login page and input your mobile number and password.
    • To see the user’s executable pages, go to the page’s dashboard.
    • Your balance information will be updated, and a new page will open to search for another distributor or UPI.
    • To finish the transaction, select the money transfer option to finish the transaction and input your LAPU number.
    • Users can also withdraw money from the bank using this portal.
    • The user must utilise a biometric device and activate the cash withdrawal choice.
    • Choose cash drop or cash deposit to make a deposit.
    • Users of the Airtel TEZ system can deposit and withdraw money using their Aadhaar number.

    Login for Airtel Payment Bank Retailers

    Below are the steps for Airtel payment bank retailer login:

    Visit the webpage for Airtel Payment Bank

    • To access the page, type your password and mobile number into the login fields.
    • After that, choose the login tab to access the dashboard.
    • Services will be displayed on the page, including bill payments, money transfers, and cash deposits.
    • Users can access the Airtel payment bank portal and download the Airtel Payment Bank certificate.


    The details in this article will be beneficial to you. All of the links for the Airtel login are available in this post. The links are all trustworthy and beneficial.

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