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    All workers and employers in the unorganised segment of the nation’s economy are now covered by this programme. The central government established the Labour Pension with e shram card Yojana to protect every employee’s destiny through this programme.

    The Central Government is making a lot of effort to lessen the financial burden on all workers and employees while raising their living level. As a response, the government launches programmes for unorganised workers to guarantee ongoing improvement.

    What is E Shram Card Labour Pension?

    Remember that the Central Government has created a website for workers and employees in the unorganised sector. The government will compile statistics and data on all such employees through this platform. They could access a wide range of facilities and services.

    All qualifying employees must register on this E-Shram Portal. All employees will receive an E Shram Card after registration, enabling them to take advantage of these initiatives. This 12-digit labour card is what we’re going to describe. It acts as the employee’ identity.

    A labour pension programme called E-Shram Card was created to offer benefits to workers and unorganised employees. Unorganized workers have been given access to this programme, which will pay them a pension when they retire. Let me clarify. Under this arrangement, employees would receive financial support in the form of an E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana after 60 years of service for their high durability. Additionally, if the employee passes away, his widow would continue to get Rs. 1500 monthly pension.

    How to Apply Online?

    Employees must register with the E-Shram Portal to use the E-Shram Card Labour Pension Scheme. The next step is to sign up with the scheme’s agent at your local public service centre with all your relevant evidence. Let us inform you about your bank account, phone number, and Aadhaar number. Following e shram card registration process:

    • Visit for further details.
    • To apply now, click here.
    • Once you’ve selected Self Enrollment, enter your phone number. After that, click the Proceed
    • Click Generate OTP after entering your name, email address, and captcha code.
    • The registration form will open once the OTP has been validated.
    • Just apply after completing it with the necessary data.
    • 36,000 pension would be given to each e-Shram cardholder.

    Advantages & Features

    We want to ensure that everyone who works hard knows that if they have an E Shamika Card Modern Advantages 2021, they will be eligible for the following benefits of e shram card: You will receive the benefits and information listed below when you register online through the e Shram website.

    • To ensure the social and economic advancement of all labour comrades and sisters in the troubled region of the nation.
    • According to the e shram card 3000 pension yojana 2022, a hired man in the mixed-up sector who entered the country will also be able to collect money for three years after reaching 60.
    • A national database of unorganised workers will be created and connected to their Aadhaar cards.


    A labour pension programme called E Shram Card has been approved to provide benefits to workers and employers. This idea has been recommended to provide unorganised workers with a pension supplement in their senior years. Employees would receive financial assistance of Rs. 3000 pension after 60 years of kindness. A normal monthly payment of Rs. 1500 would also be given to the employee’s widow.

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