Find Out About Ajio Business App Download, Login, and More

    An online fashion portal owned by Reliance is called AJIO. The site took some time to gain traction after its 2016 launch. It took a lot of work to compete with established heavyweights back then. However, AJIO business declared in 2020 and it had increased four times from pre-covid levels.

    The website receives 3.1 million organic visitors on average per month. Therefore, AJIO is a crucial platform for eCommerce vendors in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Let’s learn more about AJIO before we address the major issue.

    About Ajio Marketplace

    Ajio business marketplace vendors can use this reference to log in and begin selling products using the Ajio Marketplace. The manual explains how to register as an Ajio vendor, submit products, and handle sales.

    Ajio business sellers can also find details on customer service, shipping, and payments. An e-commerce merchant has a lot of chores to complete to sell in an online marketplace. You’ve come to the right place if you need to sell your goods by signing up as an Ajio business wholesale but don’t want to pay for a website.

    How Can You Sell on the Ajio Marketplace?

    • Step 1

    You must register on the website for Reliance Retail Supplier Registration. The first step in registering your business is this. The website was made with vendors in mind. The selling website and the client website are separate.

    • Step 2

    Complete the form with all of your information. Additionally, you must include the documentation if requested. You must input your accurate PAN and tax information in the following step. Accurate data must always be provided during the vendor registration process. Name, email address, phone number, business details, and GST number are among the additional details.

    An OTP will be sent to the seller’s provided phone number. You may also be required to provide your tax identity documentation. You must go through this procedure to validate your company’s details.

    • Step 3

    You must proceed to the seller’s panel once your business has been successfully registered. Once you have finished all the requirements, you must log in to the seller’s dashboard. It is important to administer the seller account and list the items in the seller’s panel. Only sellers who have signed up for Ajio can access this website. The vendor must use the seller account. Within the seller dashboard, you may view all the products, orders that have been received and delivered, and other information.

    How to Login Into Ajio Business App?

    Starting a business on Ajio Marketplace can be done in two ways. Ajio business login and begin offering your products as one option. Managing your listings, keeping tabs on your sales, and getting client comments are all made simple with the Ajio Seller App.

    The Ajio business app is more effective than the Ajio Seller Central website. Ajio merchants’ mobile application allows them to handle orders while on the go. When they have so many responsibilities to complete as part of their daily work routine, this might save time for all Ajio sellers. Ajio sellers only need to go to the Android Play Store and search for the Ajio seller app to download it to their phone.


    The popularity of e-commerce like Ajio business is rising. You have a reasonable probability of reaching your target market because there are millions of opportunities to sell your products and services. Additionally, you’ll see a solid return on your investment and be able to contact more clients than you might have believed feasible.

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