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    Forbes November Issue Features 20 Asian Lady Entrepreneurs, Including Three Prominent Indian Businesswomen

    Among the 20 Asian women profiled in Forbes Asia’s November issue are three prominent Indian businesswomen who devised various business strategies against the uncertainty of the new normal and Covid-19.

    Despite the various difficulties that economies and businesses have recently encountered, the 20 women on the list have developed a range of strategies to help their firms reach new heights. Some women work in sectors that have suffered greatly, such as real estate, construction, and shipping, while others continue to advance in industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, and commodities.

    Name of These 3 Indian Businesswomen

    One of the three Indian businesswomen on the unranked list is Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Honasa Consumer, which owns the personal care companies Mamaearth, The Derma Co, Aqualogica, and Ayuga. Alagh and her husband Varun co-founded their company in 2016, and it achieved unicorn status at the beginning of this year.

    Soma Mondal, the first woman to serve as CEO of the state-run Steel Authority of India Ltd., is also on the list. Annual sales have climbed by 50%, and earnings have increased thrice to Rs 120 billion since Mondal took over management in 2021.

    The third Indian on the list is Namita Thapar, executive director of Emcure Pharma’s India business. Her expertise as a businesswoman has been demonstrated as well as her development as an author, entrepreneur coach, and host of the YouTube talk show “Unconditional Yourself with Namita Thapar,” which includes discussions about women’s health issues by famous people and experts.

    What Made These Lady Entrepreneurs Stand Out on Forbes Asia’s List of Power Businesswomen?

    This year, 20 executives and business owners guiding their organizations’ transition to a post-COVID age are highlighted in Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen list. According to a news release from Forbes, some women are successful in fields where males predominate, while others are in charge of long-standing family businesses. Two even started lucrative enterprises that were motivated by their experiences becoming mothers.

    Three women apiece from India, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia are on this year’s list, with two each from South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore and one from Taiwan and China. This year, governments, citizens, and companies in the Asia-Pacific region mostly transitioned to a post-pandemic age where they are learning to live with Covid-19, it claimed.

    Indian businesswomen were among the other women picked for their achievements in starting successful companies and displaying outstanding leadership throughout their careers.

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