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    How to Generate Eway Bill Login to Ensure Hassle-Free Transportation of Goods?

    The main reason behind introducing the Goods and Services Tax for the union government has been to simplify the Indian taxation system. Eway Bill is a significant step in that direction. When you are moving goods between states, an eway bill is a compulsory document. National Informatics Centre designs, develops and maintains the eway bill login mechanism. The ways NIC provide to generate a eway bill are multiple, such as SMS, Web, Mobile App and Bulk upload.

    If you transport household items during house shifting, the transporter must adhere to the norms and regulations of eway bill. The value of the transportable goods must be more than ₹50,000 to be eligible for eway bill.

    Eway bills increase GST revenue automatically, and the government expects gross GST revenue for FY 2022-23 to surpass ₹3 trillion.

    Let’s discuss it intensely.

    What is eway bill login?

    eway bill login is mandatory for inter-state and intra-state movement of goods if the consignment value exceeds ₹50,000. This system is applicable for GST registered/enrolled transporters, allowing users to generate an electronic waybill at the start of the journey. The person in charge of the consignment must carry the bill. You can get a eway bill from

    Whether it’s an inward supply or from an unregistered person, the GST eway bill login is a must. A transporter not registered under the GST regime should log in on the portal and generate a 15-digit ‘Transporter Id.’

    Eway bill has three parts –

    1. Description of the goods which the consignor fills. Other parties can also fill it, but it can’t be modified once the bill is generated.
    2. Details of the mode of transport are to be filled by the transporter while others can also fill it.
    3. Unique eway bill numbers and dates are generated on the common portal after filling in the first two parts.

    Documents required for GST bill claim

    The documents generally required for GST bill claim are:-

    • List of material copy/ LR Copy (lorry receipt)
    • Moving vehicle no./ agent address
    • Quotation copy
    • Driver license ID copy
    • Invoice copy and eway bill copy
    • Transit insurance paper
    • The invoice with GST stamp
    • Customer’s aadhaar card

    What is the reverse charge mechanism?

    The supplier of goods and services pays GST for supplying the goods. In the reverse charge mechanism (RCM), the recipient of the goods or service will pay the taxes instead of the supplier.

    What to for generating a eway bill?

    Eway Bill system login generation requires registration on the official Eway Bill portal for the unregistered. Then, it needs documents like Transporter ID, vehicle number, bill of challan, the value of the goods, delivery challan, invoice, distance between the places and name of the parties.

    How to generate eway bill?

    Generating a eway bill through eway bill login system is relatively easy if you know all the norms properly. You can generate it online quickly. The transporter and the supplier must be registered with the GST portal and the Eway Bill Login portal.

    There are different modes for generating a eway bill.

    • Eway Bill Portal
    • Mobile App
    • SMS
    • Site-to-site integration

    The documents required for generating an eway bill are:-

    • Supply bill/challan/invoice of the consignment
    • If the way of transport is air, train, or  sea, Transporter Id, Transport Document Number and date are required
    • If the goods are going to be transported by road, Transporter Id or vehicle number.

    When you log in to the portal, you must go step-by-step to generate the eway bill. Eway bill login system includes:-

    • Login to
    • Enter username, password and captcha.
    • If not registered, create an account with your credentials.
    • Click on the Generate New option.
    • A form will appear on the screen, which you must fill out.
    • Enter the name of the state, your name and GSTIN.
    • Then you have to enter the details of goods, value, distance, vehicle details etc.
    • Once you submit the form, the Eway bill system login is complete.
    • You can see the bill on the screen.

    GST eway bill login through app and SMS

    The process is almost similar when you try it through Eway Bill App. You should have registered a username and password and go through two-factor authentication to generate the bill.

    You can also generate eway bill through SMS from your registered mobile number. The “For SMS” option is available on the portal. Once the mobile number is registered, follow the instructions, including the mentioned format.

    Final words

    Hopefully, the article has provided enough information about eway bill login so that you can easily transport goods to another state.

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