How to mine Dogecoin in India and Its Monetary Policy?

    Differences in the source code of Dogecoin and Bitcoin still make it possible to mine Dogecoin. Dogecoin cryptocurrency is maintained by a decentralized network of nodes, not by parties. To distribute the cryptocurrency, there is no central entity, and there is a decentralized way the coin distribution has been designed. 

    How to mine dogecoin in India?

    There is a considerable expense and energy incurred on mining Dogecoin, but unlike mining from the underground, where the energy used is different and is spent on powerful processors, dedicated computers, and the use of computing power. 

    Dogecoin Monetary Policy

    Unlike Litecoin and Bitcoin, there is no fixed upper coin limit for Dogecoin, an inflationary currency. However, the scenario was not this initially, and Dogecoin had a fixed coin cap of 100 billion coins. 

    The block reward was fixed at half every 100,000 blocks until the mining of 600,000 was done. After that, until a 100 billion coin cap is reached, the block reward would be set at a rate of 10,000 coins. So, as per the mining schedule, this would be the scenario one year and 160days following the launch. 

    But in the early months of 2014, which is approximately three months before the ultimate block reward to be paid, it was decided by the developers that Dogecoin could be given a constant tail emission by maintaining the block reward flat at 10,000 coins per block. After that, Dogecoin has become a disinflationary currency and accompanies a slow declining rate of inflation, being 4% in 2022, expected to be 3% in 2030, and 1.5% in 2065. 

    How to Mine Dogecoin?

    These are the steps you must follow to mine Dogecoin. 

    1) Buy the mining hardware

    You can check whether your CPU/GPU is compatible with mining. You will need ASIC machines to mine Dogecoin script-based mining. Purchase from official resellers or producers. 

    2) Install the software or update drivers

    You must download and install CPU, GPU, or ASIC so that you can run the respective CPU.GPU and ASIC miners and keep your GPU updated. 

    3) Get associated with a mining pool

    Create an account so that you can join a mining pool. 

    4) Connect devices to the mining pool

    Once you have opened an account with the mining pool, with the help of this account. Many mining pool servers aid in mining Dogecoin. 

    5) Create a Dogecoin wallet

    If you are entitled to block rewards, you must set up a Dogecoin wallet and register your payout address with your mining pool account. There are official wallets that Dogecoin wallets, but other wallets work well. 

    6) Begin mining Dogecoin

    Once the entire setup is ready, the account settings of your mining pool will monitor the hash rate, payout, and revenue. Usually, every mining pool provides a dashboard or sometimes an app that can keep a tab on all your Dogecoin mining activities. You then cash them into your wallet through your mining pool account. 

    If you can properly follow the above describes step by step methods, you will be able to mine Dogecoin. It will need a lot of system resources, effort and time.

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