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    How to Reach Out to Customers with Your Unique Products on Amazon?

    Amazon is a brand associated with this platform, allowing you to enjoy an edge over your competitors. This so-called Amazon factor will provide a springboard to success for your business if you have plans of selling products on Amazon. 

    In this brief article, let us find out how to sell on Amazon and how you must choose the best products so that your outreach is commendable. 

    How to sell products on Amazon – Enjoy the advantage

    Amazon India is one of the shopping portals that receive the biggest digital footfalls and a marketplace that most consumers rely upon.

    Let us find out a few aspects about Amazon India and doing business here. 

    How to sell products on Amazon – the process

    Before you start selling products on Amazon, you must register with the portal. You can register directly from the website, so keep all the documents ready if you have to enter a few details in the fields provided.

    Make sure you have the following ready-

    • The active mobile number
    • PAN details
    • GST number depends on whether you are selling in the GST applicable category or exempt.
    • Bank account details. Provide details of a bank that you operate frequently.
    • Email ID

    Amazon product listing

    You must list the products you want to sell on Amazon first. Provide details about your product category, features and specifications, brand name, images, and price. Also, the product page must be ready for use. There is a page on “Manage Inventory” that you can see in the dashboard. 

    You must list the products from the Seller Central account in any one of the two ways-

    1. Add a new offer to match the barcode scan with that of the product search.
    2. Create a new list in which you must upload the images of the product, add details and features. 

    Best products to sell on Amazon

    You must do a bit of research before selecting the product you want to sell. Follow these steps for the same.

    • Identify those products that you think the buyer will look out for. Decide the products that are in demand throughout the year. These will be regarded as “good” products that have demand.  
    • Opt for niche products
    • Remember, if the products are heavy, you will need more shipping charges. It is better to sell lighter and smaller products if you have just started. To start with, sell a single product to get accustomed to the selling mode and gradually scale up the number of products. 
    • Analyze what is selling the most on Amazon and the competition

    Keep the following in mind while selecting your products for selling-

    • Products that will solve problems on a daily life
    • Focus on interest when you decide
    • Analyze the market
    • Analyze the target audience.

    In a nutshell, when you plan on selling products on Amazon, due diligence helps go a long way.

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