How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers?

    Smartphones have become one of the essential parts of our daily lives for the past few decades. Every individual, from children to adults and poor to rich, has a smartphone. Without a smartphone, we cannot even imagine our lives anymore. So, it is also essential for us to provide the utmost safety and security to crucial things in our lives. Many reasons are there to think about the safety and security of the smartphone. It can be accidentally lost, or someone can easily hack into your phone and get all of your confidential data and information.

    Therefore, the following approaches will help you achieve safety measurements and secure android phones

    Now you think that it is pretty common knowledge as everyone these days locks their phone to secure an android phone. But only a simple lock is not enough, and a simple pattern or numeric lock is not reasonably sufficient. With advanced technology, hackers are also becoming advanced and can easily unlock the simple pattern or numeric lock of your android phone. Therefore, to secure android phones, always use face lock and use two-factor authentication. 

    • Download mobile apps only from reliable sources 

    Without apps, we cannot run our android phones properly. Now and then, a new brand or app has been introduced in the market, which suddenly became essential for us to use. And for that, every individual mainly uses Google Play Store, a reliable and trusted source. And most important, every authentic app is available in Google Play Store and free to use. But most of the time, movie lovers tend to download apps restricted to specific regions and countries from unknown resources. It enables the hackers to implant malware in the devices. So, it is best to avoid such unknown and unreliable resources. You can use proxy servers to deal with such matters. The experts associated with the matters recommend using best proxies if you use those.

    • Utilize anti-virus software 

    It is pretty common to use anti-virus for a laptop or desktop. But no one considers using anti-virus software when it comes to secure android phones. But we definitely should because with the up-gradation of technology and innovation, everything we do on our desktops can now be done on our smartphones. Thus, we should also protect smartphones, just like we do for our desktops. A wide range of affordable anti-virus software is available for our smartphones, such as Norton Mobile Security and Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus. You can also get free android anti-virus software such as McAfee, Kaspersky, and many more. 

    • Keep Android updated 

    It may seem irrelevant for the security and safety of your android phone, but it is essential and highly associated with the protection of a smartphone. When an app gets an update, it also updates the safety and security features of the application. So, when you are updating your apps on the smartphone, you are also updating the safety and security level of your android phone. 

    • Disable the smartphone from saving passwords

    It is a factor that most individuals have ignored. People who are tech-savvy and quite well accustomed to the ways of a digital device most probably have noticed that when you log in into a new account on your smartphone, it gives an option where it says ‘save password.’ Permanently deny this option by selecting ‘no’ or ‘never.’ Do not ignore or just click anything to make it go.

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