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    How to Sell on Flipkart – Follow a Few Steps to Get Started

    We have always been able to relate to online shopping. But ever since the pandemic took over the controls of how we must lead our lives, e-commerce has not looked back since then.

    But we continue to dream of having the favorite gown from the topmost brands and buying the shade that will suit your well-maintained skin tone. But have you ever thought that you can sell your stuff as well on Flipkart and the other shopping portals? Here, we will find out how to sell on Flipkart?

    Find out how to Sell a Product on Flipkart

    You can sell on Flipkart as an individual, as a business entity, as LLP or a partnership firm, as a Trust and Foundation. However, here let us find out what you must-do if you are planning to do business on Flipkart as –

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    1. Flipkart Selling an individual or Sole Proprietor

    As an individual, if you want to sell on Flipkart, it will be regarded as a sole proprietorship. In this case, the business is not transferrable easily, you cannot have partners and investors, the business may not be scalable, and above all your ability to seek bank loans is limited. But if you still choose to be so, you will have to provide the following documents-

    • Identity Proof Related Documents

      • A letterhead with a signed declaration that you own and manage the bank account of the business.
      • Voters ID
      • PAN Card
      • Driving License
      • Passport
      • Additional photo identity if any
      • A letter from an attorney or person of authority endorsing the identity
    • Address Proof Related Documents

      • Letter from the employer
      • Ration card
      • Bank account details stating the name of the proprietorship
      • Electricity bill
      • Telephone bill of fixed line
      • Lease or license agreement

    2. How to sell a product on Flipkart as a Private Limited Company

    This is one of the most preferred methods of selling on Flipkart. You will need the following documents for the same.

    • Identity Proof for Flipkart Selling

      • Company PAN Card
      • Copy of a certificate of company incorporation
      • Memorandum association copy
    • Address Proof for Flipkart Selling as Private Limited Company

      • Telephone bill of the fixed-line of the company
      • Company electricity bill
      • Rental agreement or lease

    Once you have decided upon how you would like to run the business, the next step is tax registration. You will require the following documents-

    • TIN or Tax Identification Number
    • PAN CARD of the private limited company
    • Bank account name
    • Bank account number
    • TAN or Tax Deduction at Source (in the business’ name)
    • Bank IFSC Code
    • Business name

    Once you are done with the process, next you can draw up a list of the products you intend to sell on Flipkart and get going.

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