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    How Will Stock Android Be In The Future

    What is Stock Android?

    People call stock Android the default experience of an Android device. It is the purest form of Android with few customizations. For several years now, Android users have purchased devices running an ”unmodified” version of the operating system. What does this mean? Well, it means that these phones are stock – no bloatware, no carrier-branded pre-installed apps, and a promise that software updates will be delivered quickly.

    Stock Android is the core of a smartphone experience, and it’s’sIt’s what makes an Android device feel like an Android device and not a Samsung, or LG, or HTC device. The software that encompasses the look and feel of an Android device, its user interface (UI) are crafted by Google in Mountain View, California. This software experience is delivered to manufacturers for implementation on their devices through the “Google Mobile Services” (GMS) package.

    Stock Android is the version of Android that comes out of the box on devices made by Google and is also available directly from the company in its “Android Open Source Project” (AOSP). Stock Android refers to the experience you get when you have a pure Google Android device like a Nexus or Pixel. Stock Android doesn’t include any third-party apps, skins, or modifications your phone maker makes. Stock Android refers to the stock Google interface and experience, as seen on Nexus devices. Many people think that “stock Android” refers to a specific version of Android, but it only refers to the pixel-for-pixel Google UI/UX design.

    Stock Android New Version and How to Download it?

    The latest version of the Stock Android is ”Android 11”, and very soon, we will be introduced to another new version, ”Android 12”. Generally, a smartphone with stock Android can see updates for the latest versions of Android fast, as the manufacturer of the smartphone does not require to execute several software changes. Though, this does not assure that every smartphone will always sustain the latest version of the Android. Only for a certain period, manufacturers keep the software of the smartphones updated, so eventually, the smartphones will age out. Here are the steps to check the Android version of your phone.

    Step 1: Go to settings 

    Step 2: Scroll down and go to About phone 

    Step 3: Scroll until you find the Android version specification.

    Now the question is, can you download stock android on your smartphone. The answer is no. You cannot just remove the skin android version from your phone and then download the stock android version that easily. It is pretty impossible to delete or altogether remove the skin android version. Stock Android is open-source software, so you may think you can easily download and install it. But it is not that easy, and you must require technical help and expertise. Additionally, not all brand provides this stock android. The companies that offer stock android are Nokia, Motorola, Google, and smartphones with unlockable bootloaders. 

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