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    India’s Apna Unicorn Aims at Making More than 2B Users

    According to Nirmit Parikh, the Apna app is a platform that is more or less like LinkedIn but for the people that are non-English speaking and not affluent Indians. Apna is an app startup that will help the blue-collar workers of the country to look for jobs. More about the app and its founder follows below.

    Unicorn India – The Apna Job App

    The Apna job app has raised as much as $70 million from Insight Partners and Tiger Global at a valuation that was found to be worth $570 million. Sequoia Capital India and Lightspeed India took part in the Series B funding as existing investors.

    The proceeds raised will help in technological advancements, acquisition of talent, and expansion to other countries like Southeast Asia and the United States, as announced by this Bangalore-based startup.

    India is one of the countries that has been hit the hardest during the pandemic due to Covid-19. However, it is being observed that the employment rate is gradually getting back to normal in the country, the third-largest economy in Asia.

    The Apna jobs app went live just before the pandemic, and you will find that the app has grown by more than 50 times in the last year. Two sectors that have shown remarkable demand for the app include the healthcare and e-commerce sectors.

    Nirmit Parikh is an ex-executive at Apple Inc developed the job app for job seekers that are non well versed in speaking English. All you must do is enter your name, skills, your age. Once this is done, a virtual business card. This card then goes to prospective employers.

    According to the founder of the app, it was not very smooth sailing due to the pandemic but at the same time, the app is trying millions to get hired. He went on to say that these jobs would help in bringing food to the table and help people pay their kids’ school fees especially when Covid has made times difficult for people.

    Apna that launched its product stated that it has managed to raise $90 million in all. As many as 10 million job seekers have been connected with the help of the Apna jobs app to potential employers.

    For instance, if someone is looking for a job as a salon worker, as a salesperson, delivery professional, painter, and more of similar type of jobs can get connected to more than 100,000 employers that comprise the likes of Amazon Inc, and Burger King among many more. The app is available in 6 languages and is currently available in more than 14 cities.

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    The Apna Jobs App As a Training Tool

    Apna offers training as well. Conversational English, mastering online job interviews, and so on are a few of the areas that the app has been extending training in. The algorithm of the app allows for smooth matching of the employers with that of the prospective employees.

    In the event a candidate is not able to clear the interview, the app will send a prompt to work upon the said skill. The app has more than 4000 categories of skills and many such skills are extended by the in-house team or its partners.

    Carpentry, painting, sales, and many more professions are included in the app community with the help of which users will be able to connect to local networks, apart from learning new skills and practicing for interviews.

    So, once you have done the Apna job app download, you can start right away with job hunting from the profession that you have been associated with all these years. The app will enable you to get a better opening for the same, and perhaps a raise than what you have been earning all these years.

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