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    IPL Team Owners – Are There Any Changes for 2022?

    IPL is a big event for all cricket lovers. The dynamism and drive this event carries make it one of the most longed-for and unique events in the cricket world. The players give their best, but ultimately the IPL team owners make the vital decisions. It is crucial because unless the right player is sent on the field, the team will not have a chance of enjoying an edge over the others. More about the IPL teams and their owners is in the paragraphs that follow.

    New IPL Teams 2022 Owners

    In the table below, you will find two new names not just in the IPL team owners list, the debut year, and the net worth.

    The teams that were already existing do not require any introduction but let us find out more about the two new IPL teams 2022 owners in brief.

    Lucknow Supergiants – RPSG Group

    The team is one of the latest additions to this year’s 2022 IPL teams. Goenka founded the RPSG Group in 2011. There are many spheres that the company is engaged in. These include power, IT services, educational institutions, sports, retail, plantation, media, and entertainment.

    Gujarat Titans- CVC Capital Partners

    They are the second newcomers this year. CVC Capital owns a private equity company with headquarters in Luxembourg City. Established 41 years ago, the company is engaged in venture capital, private equity, and credit asset management.

    The table below lets you get an idea of the IPL team owners list and other essential aspects.

    ipl team

    The above table shows the names of the IPL team owners, their net worth, year of debut, and names of the owners.

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