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    Launching Grocery Apps as Bootstrapped Startup: How Does it Help?


    We all are aware of how the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economic lives majorly. In the last year, like there has been a substantial amount of decline in the market that concerns entrepreneurship, people who have made great use of the current situations, and their new exciting ideas, have also been able to establish Bootstrapped Start-ups which have been greatly beneficial. We know that quite a number of start-up companies in Delhi such as Vegifroo have been doing a great job by reaching the best-handpicked fruits and vegetables in town for the people who are being unable to get out of the house for grocery shopping. In this article, we will talk about the many nuances and benefits of this start-up idea. Come let us now begin!

    When Did Grocery App Become More Relevant?

    One does not need to mention, that the lockdown situation really put a halt in the daily lives of people, and their regular activities. One of the major things that Indians have been accustomed to doing visiting the shops, or bazaar in order to get a supply of their everyday raw materials to cook meals. Especially, the Indians are particularly fond of getting fresh fruits and vegetables from the market which they can consume knowing that it has just been brought home. We know, that during the lockdown there was a restriction on our mobility, we were prevented from going out on the street. As for the things that we used to consume during the lockdown, we had to buy them in a large quantity and saved them up till the next time we were allowed to go out. It is then, that we thought how beneficial would an online vegetable delivery be, which would not only make sure that there is a proper vegetable home delivery but also reach home fresh fruits online.

    grocery app

    To cut the idea really short, such grocery apps largely focus on making life a little bit easier for you. Think about it, you wake up and see all the essential fruits and vegetables and other groceries right at your doorstep. Did you ever think, that you will not have to deal with the endless hassle that also comes with having to go to the market every morning? Well, no matter how incredible it sounds it is totally possible to have a doorstep delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables online in the new normal world. We totally encourage the proliferation of such bootstrapped start-up companies which are not only creative, innovative but also make sure that it turns out to be a grand success in terms of helping people out in times of real need.

    Benefits Of Ordering Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Online

    In our opinion, every bootstrapped start-up has its own benefits. While we agree, that some may feel while some are grand successes, the fact remains the same that the ones which hit the market really high are always a powerhouse of several kinds of customer benefits which keep them going. Of course, any start-up would focus on making money. However, the bootstrapped startups which ensure the greater good of humans alongside making profits are the ones, which gain the maximum amount of popularity. In the following section of the blog, we will take a look at three benefits that come with online vegetable delivery:

    Benefits of Grocery App

    • Like it is essential to be able to see and handpick the fruits and vegetables that you want to consume, we also know that having to go to the market every morning can be much of a hassle on certain days. What does one do then? Well, it is here that grocery apps may play a huge role that can be life-saving for you at that moment. By using these grocery apps that are now in vogue, you can easily order fresh fruits and vegetables online. You can choose from the catalogue that is provided, and take your own picks, according to your own taste. All you need to do in order to make sure that there is a doorstep delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables online is scroll through your phone and make the payment. Do you feel pampered already? Well, other than being a great friend in times of need, these grocery apps can also pamper you to bits by allowing you that one extra hour of sleep you may actually need after a stressful workday.
    • When you are deciding to use these grocery apps, you can be fairly certain about one thing, which is honestly in terms of delivering fresh food items to you. It often happens that we go to the market, and mistakenly pick stale, or rotten fruits and vegetables. When we are going for a delivery that ensures getting fresh fruits online, they will always have a skilled set of workers who will make sure that you only get the freshest of the handpicked fruits and vegetables available in the market. It is imperative for you to note, that when you are doing your own shopping, and come back home to realise that there have been certain discrepancies in your purchase, you mostly do not have an option. However, when you’re using these apps that make sure that you receive a doorstep delivery you can in all possible let the customer service know about it, and request a replacement.
    • To everyone’s misfortune, we are living in a time, which is seeing the growth of infections, and their proliferation with every passing day. Of course, we have to go out of the house and ensure that we do our everyday chores in order to remain functional. In this process, we often miss out on taking the proper safety measures. One may argue, that nothing ever actually minimises the chances of getting infections from another person. However, we say that the doorstep delivery that these grocery apps have made possible greatly minimises the chances of getting an infection transmitted to your body. Given you get to avoid the market area, which daily sees a conglomeration of a huge number of people who purchase their everyday needs, you are also, by and large, avoiding the germs that loiter around the air from casual coughs or sneezes. We know, that desperate times need desperate measures would stop. In case you have new-born babies, elderly members, or persons with comorbidity at home, why not be safe than sorry?


    The post-pandemic era is really tough. As we have mentioned earlier in the blog, a lot of many entrepreneurship has met its decline during this economic crisis that followed the outbreak of the pandemic. It is really essential at this point to think about the greater good of the general public alongside thinking of ideas, which can be profitable as a bootstrapped start-up. We sincerely believe, that these grocery apps not only look forward to making a great deal of profit for themselves but also think about the inconvenience that people are generally having to face, thereby formulating a way out of it.

    Grocery app

    Not like this concept is absolutely new in the market, however, given the times that we are living in, the use of these grocery apps has definitely seen a rise. Thus, it is for apps like Vegifroo that are serving the general public immensely by ensuring that they deliver value for money fresh fruits and vegetables online. They are not only focusing on how to minimise hassle for their customers but also providing with the absolutely perfect monitory value that fruits and vegetables in the market should have. What are you waiting for? We suggest you immediately download online vegetable delivery apps, and make life a little more risk-free and comfortable for yourself.


    As we conclude this blog, we would like to bring you back to the point that we live in a world, which is getting increasingly about the digital and the technological aspects of things. It is no surprise that in the pandemic period, and the period that followed We have seen an immense amount of proliferation of new bootstrapped start-ups that encourage doorstep delivery. Delivering fresh fruits and vegetables online has remained the need of the hour for a while, thus these grocery apps are doing so great in recent times. Someone had said it right, business only runs right when you incorporate sensitivity to the same. We hope this blog will help you figure out the upsides of doorstep delivery with respect to grocery app, and makes life a piece of cake for you. Good luck!

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