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    The goal of launching shopsy Flipkart, a new social commerce platform owned by Walmart, was to appeal to consumers in Tier II cities and beyond. Social media users can use the shopsy app online shopping to resell items from the online marketplace and gain a modest commission. The firm would not disclose the precise number of sellers, but the platform has 1.1 million total sellers, including those selling on Flipkart. The most recent reports indicate that Flipkart’s seller network was close to 11 million. Around September 2022, Meesho announced having 0.77 million vendors in their seller base.

    What Does Flipkart Hope to Gain from shopsy ‘s Debut?

    The e-commerce platform wants to make Shopsy online shopping more commonplace among the nation’s expanding online population.

    By 2025, India is expected to have 900 million active internet users as rural areas see increased use. People use the internet for roughly three hours daily, primarily for chatting, social media networking, and video streaming. These individuals hardly shop online due to a lack of confidence and technological difficulty.

    Such hesitation is common not only in rural areas but also among middle-aged and older people in metropolises and cities who are only technologically literate enough to use Facebook and WhatsApp.

    How Does the shopsy flipkart App Function?

    The Shopsy app enables users to sign up for accounts and transmit the Flipkart product catalog to prospective buyers using messaging apps like WhatsApp.

    Once the clients have decided what they want to buy, the shopsy user can place the orders on their behalf and, depending on the product category and ticket amount, receive commissions ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 25, or possibly more.

    What Possibilities Exist?

    Over 150 million products from 350,000 merchants are available on Flipkart’s site. By 2023, Flipkart hopes to help 25 million online business owners benefit from digital commerce with shopsy .

    This is quite similar to influencer marketing. While an influencer’s role is to promote a product, these resellers will also be in charge of completing transactions by collecting client payments.

    Although the commissions seem low, the resellers’ success and entrepreneurship will determine how much money they can make.

    Shopify vs shopsy

    Flipkart has already used social commerce to increase its market penetration. It established 2GudSocial last year so social media influencers could assist users in making online purchases through engaging video shopping experiences.

    A media source claims that the company intends to assist resellers with storefronts resembling Shopify’s. Flipkart, however, declined to confirm this.

    The business model of Shopify in Canada is considerably dissimilar from what shopsy currently provides. Shopify develops digital storefronts for vendors who share these links with prospective buyers using social networking apps, in contrast to shopsy app online shopping, which permits independent resellers to distribute product catalogs to customers.

    Shopsy Rs 5 Store: Buy Items for Just INR 5 with Free Delivery.

    1. shopsy app download: Download the Shopsy app from the Google Play Store to access the discounts. Once the application has been downloaded, register at the application’s website or log in using your information.
    2. Next, select the new banner for shopsy ‘s Rs 5 bargains and sales in the home dashboard section.
    3. After clicking the banner, You will arrive at Shopsy’s items page for under 5 Rs.
    4. Choose the item you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping basket.
    5. It will redirect to your Flipkart checkout page when you add it to your cart and add the shipping information.
    6. Select a form of payment that includes a debit card, credit card, or cash on delivery by clicking “Continue to Proceed with the Payment.”
    7. It will display the successful order once you have completed the payment.
    8. You’ll receive the products in 4–5 days.
    9. YOu can also order from shopsy. com.

    Final Words

    While a few huge corporations have dominated India’s e-commerce market so far, social commerce is opening the way for a more distributed model based on connection, community, and trust. After proposed standards for e-commerce enterprises that prohibit them from displaying linked parties as vendors on their marketplaces, shopsy was finally launched.

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