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    Moment Marketing- Act When It Matters

    Marketing has changed quite a bit over the years. Marketing schemes that would reach the majority of the audience even five years back would not do much for a campaign in today’s market. The audience is always searching for better and newer services and products to make their lives easier and simpler. In the forever competitive world of advertisement, the trick now is to market well is to reach your audience at the right time with the right service and product. This is why digital marketing has now upgraded itself to moment marketing. What is it and why should you opt for it? That is our point of interest today. Join us in the concise discussion below. Let’s start. 

    What is moment marketing?

    When we are to understand a concept we need to start from the basics of it. The roots of moment marketing lie in the idea of digital marketing. Let us start from there then.

    Digital marketing refers to an advertisement agenda whereby you can craft visually impressive content to market your product or service via the online world. The key in this kind of marketing strategy is to develop and device your campaign in such a manner that it attracts your target audience.

    However, there is another aspect of marketing and that is timing. For instance, say a person is searching for a salon nearby. Now, you may offer such services and even be advertising about the same, but your advertisements reach the person after they have already got a salon of their preference. That is a situation you would not want to see yourself in. Therefore, you need to devise your campaigns in such a manner that they reach your target audience and they reached them at the proper time.

    That is exactly what moment marketing is about. Moment marketing focuses on how you can target your services or products to your potential customers at the right time, at the moment when it matters, when they are searching for it. 

    What are the advantages of moment marketing?

    There might not be that many direct advantages to using moment marketing. However, the one direct advantage that it offers leads to a variety of other advantages.

    The one direct advantage to using moment marketing as a part of your campaign is that it would increase your reach to the audience immensely. You will be able to reach out with your services and products when your audience is looking for the same. It would automatically make them more interested in your services or products and on most occasions lead to transactions.

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    How to get started with moment marketing?

    On most occasions, digital marketing and moment marketing might look like the same thing. However, there are certain intricate and subtle differences between the two. Those subtle differences would be the ones to make all the difference. In this section, we are going to look at how one can start with moment marketing and the ABC of it.

    • Location

    This is the second most important aspect of running and advertising a business after you have decided on the product or service that your business specifies. You need to chalk out a geographical location within which your business would and could function and prosper. Google Trends can help you in this regard. All you need to do is input a keyword into this Google tool and it will show you the number of people who such for that particular keyword and also classify them according to their country, state, or city.

    • Keywords

    When you are choosing keywords for your advertisement campaigns make sure that you are choosing the right ones. The simple thing to keep in mind is choosing keywords that a potential buyer of your services and products would search for. For instance, if you have a digital marketing agency, instead of using keywords such as the “basics of digital marketing” or “digital marketing 101”, you should go for keywords such as “good digital marketing agencies near me” or “how to choose a good digital marketing agency”. A potential buyer of your services is more likely to search by using the latter options rather than the former ones. 

    • Optimisation

    Even though both of the aspects that we have discussed till now deal with optimization of your content and campaign, another subtlety would enhance your campaigning strategy further. How would that be? You need to introduce keywords that would make your business a viable option for a certain group of your target audience. For instance, if you want to flourish your business in Kolkata, and you deliver plumbing services, it is potentially more viable for you to input a keyword stating “plumbing services in Kolkata” rather than just “plumbing services”. 

    • Automate ads

    Automated bidding is another tactic that you can use. This message is further simplified by Google ads. There are 6 distinct goals for you to choose from. All you need to do is to choose the goal that you want to achieve, such as, say increase your site visits, or get more conversions and so on, and Google algorithms will take care of the rest. It will provide you with optimal ideas, taking away all the guesswork from devising the perfect ad. 

    How to measure results?

    Now that we have already traced what exactly moment marketing is, the advantages of it and how can you indulge in the same, it is now time for us to discuss how exactly would you measure your success. How would you know that the marketing idea that you are using is showing you the results that you want to see? What are the criteria that you need to check out to calculate your success with your current marketing plan? Here are the five key aspects that you need to check out to trace your success with your marketing plan.

    1. Website traffic growth. Traffic indicates the number of people who visit your site. This therefore would be a concrete indicator of the reach of your business. 
    2. Sales qualified leads generated. How many of the people who are visiting your site are buying the products or services offered by your business? The conversion rate would therefore give you the exact number of people who are availing of your services.
    3. A visitor to lead conversion. When a visitor to your site becomes a physical lead, that is when a milestone is reached in your business journey.
    4. New customers generated. This again is an indicator of the growth and reach of your business. It is also a direct indicator of success. New customers indicate that your services are worthwhile and are reaching the correct audience at the correct time.
    5. Revenue generated and profit. This of course is the sole aim of your business- to generate profit. Therefore, the revenue you get and the profit you make would be direct indicators of how well your advertisement campaigns are going.

    Marketing scenes have always been a very competitive sphere. You need to market your product and you need to market it right. Timing is very essential, especially in the fast-paced world of today. Moment marketing is there for something you should indulge in if you are looking for ways to flourish your business.

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