MotoGP – All You Need to Know about the Popular Motorsport Event

    For Bike lovers, MotoGP is the best racing event on the planet. Apart from the Grand Prix of Formula 1, the MotoGP Grand Prix is the single most bike racing game that houses all the essential aspects of the game. The most specialized racers worldwide are assimilated into this format to play the games. Players must follow fundamental rules and processes to play the game with their peers.

    Bike sports like these have encouraged the mass production of online bike racing games that are very popular among today’s youth. Everyone has at least one racing game on their devices to jump into the madness any time they please. To get the best experience of a bike racing game online, play as many as you can on the web and choose the one that suits you best, and you will have a guaranteed gala time.

    Back to the real deal, let’s go over some important facts you should know when diving into the world of MotoGP.

    What is the sport?

    MotoGP sits at the top of all two-wheeled racing games. The bikes used in these games are monster machines and can produce over 300 horsepower going up to speeds of 360 kph. The bikes in the top segments come at a 1000cc and only a true professional or maybe someone even more capable can ride a monster MotoGP bike. Each game of MotoGP lasts for over 45 minutes, and players practice on Fridays to prepare for the qualifiers that are held on Saturdays. The final matches of MotoGP are organized on Sundays. It is the most premium of all bike races, and winners are decided based on timings that fall in 100th of a second. This fact alone makes MotoGP display one of the closest fights in motorsport. The game also has many variations, including Moto 2 and Moto 3, a different class of racing that includes 250cc engine bikes for Moto 3 and 765cc Triumph bikes with triple cylinders for the different variations of the game.

    Age of MotoGP riders

    The minimum age for motorsport players is 16, and the maximum is 28 years old if they wish to enter the tournament. The rules strictly dictate that no player above 28 can enter any of these races. In 2012 Moto 2 format was introduced, replacing the old 250 cc racing category. By the time Moto3 came into the world, it again included the 250cc, 4-stroke engine, which had earlier replaced the bikes in 2012. The format has newly introduced the concept of wild card rider, where the players can be from a minimum of 16 and first-time competitors in their 26th year.

    The top players

    Marc Marquez is the top player in the world of MotoGP and has been able to claim the title of the best racer eight times till 2019. Marquez’s style is unique, and he can stay consistent throughout most matches as the rider for Repsol Honda. He is not someone who suddenly makes an impact and leaves but has shown a constructive development in his style of play in the MotoGP series. Marc has had a minor setback due to a persistent shoulder injury that has prevented him from playing his ace game in most matches. The second contender for this role, Andrea Dovizioso, has since crept up on him gradually. Andrea is the rider of Ducati and has come second only to Marquez, with his average getting better every year. His last statistics show runner-up in three games where Marc was the winner.

    Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Vinales are 2019 rookie players who have proven their talent as extraordinary players and future contenders for the top spot in the tournament. In the biking realm, the team Yamaha has faced some hurdles because of underlying faults in their machines that need to be improved and adjusted immediately for their players to compete with the best. Alex Rins from Suzuki is another furious contender fit enough to make a run for this year’s Champions title.

    The underdogs of MotoGP

    Valentino Rossi, the undying star, is a miracle that MotoGP has produced. He is still shining with all his might at 41 years old. This year could most possibly be his last season of the game, but if the machine couples well with him, then it is a safe bet that he might be able to grab a win at any stage. Yamaha has big bets on him, so it is up to the event’s day to see the results. Aprilia and Red Bull KTM have also made promising advancements this season and are the latest entrants to the game. It is anyone’s game at the movement as it is hard to judge what new participants will bring to the table. The bikes are constantly in a state of enhancement, and the more skilled the rider; the better would be the outcomes. Underdogs often chart a game differently and set their pattern, so surprises are always on the horizon.

    New age virtual racing

    The modern decade is all about virtual gameplay, and it stands pretty accurate in terms of the most celebrated sports in the world. The audience has been exposed to the fact that the top players have been playing in virtual tracks and enjoying it on an equal level as the actual gameplay. Incidentally, Marc Marquez has a younger brother, Alex Marquez, who he got to race against on a virtual track where the champion got defeated by his sibling. This format has the fans of MotoGP excited about the game’s future, where the possibilities of the game’s final winner seem endless.

    Final words

    MotoGP is a beautiful sport of superbikes and has minimal accidents, making it the safest among racing tournaments. Getting to a MotoGP tournament and looking at the range of superbikes is a visual treat to fans of every age. The list rightly summates the optimum knowledge about the sporting event correctly updated to suit your needs regarding the latest information on the sport and things you must know.

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