Neymar movie Review: A Comedy with too Much Depth

    This year, the comedic entertainment Neymar movie starring Mathew Thomas and Naslen made a significant profit at the movie office, marking the first success of the budding stars. Fantastic news for ‘Neymar’ lovers who enjoyed the Malayalam film! The movie will premiere on the well-known OTT platform following a prosperous theatre run. Continue reading to learn more about the cast, storyline, release date, and streaming locations for Neymar OTT.

    Box Office Earnings

    Despite being produced on a budget of less than Rs 1 crore, “Neymar” was a huge smash, earning an incredible Rs 10 crore at the box office. Neymar was praised for its excellent acting, astute plot, and spot-on comic timing by critics and audiences alike.

    Neymar has officially set an OTT release date. The film stars Naslen, Mathew Thomas, and the title dog, Neymar. The movie centres on two close friends, Kunjava and Sinto (played by Naslen and Thomas, respectively), whose lives unexpectedly change when Neymar, the dog that serves as the movie’s focal point, shows up.

    The Plot of Neymar Movie

    “Neymar” is a charming comedy-drama that centres on Kunjava and Sinto, two friends who love football. To win over his classmate Dona, Kunjava makes the unexpected decision to get a pet, which sets off a series of unforeseen events when a dog named “Neymar” is introduced. The film masterfully captures the relationship between people and animals by fusing comedy, happiness, and unexpected turns.

    Kunjava’s closest friend, Sinto, proposes to buy a pet to catch the attention of his classmate Dona. Apart from its main protagonists, Aakamsh (Mathew Thomas) and Shinto (Naslen K Gafoor), who support the Brazil football team and its standout player, Neymar, the movie has little to do with sport. Both of them had dreams of becoming pilots, but one day, Shinto tells Aakamsh to get a dog to win a lady over. Hence, Neymar, an independent dog, joins their life. After a rural puppy named Neymar enters the life of three Brazil football fanatics, nothing is the same as it was.

    Who Plays Each Character in the Film?

    While Neymar is the movie’s main character, the whole cast of Neymar film and crew, including the director, cameraman (Alby), dog trainers, and actors, have excellent performances in the sequences with the endearing canine.

    With their banter and friendliness, the famous duo of Mathew-Naslen—this is their third movie together after Thanneer Mathan Dinangal and Jo and Jo—makes a lot of people laugh. However, they appear to have become performers who fit within a mold. Veteran performers Vijayaraghavan, Johny Antony, and Shammi Thilakan—who portray friends-turned-neighbors—upstage them in several scenes. The show is stolen by Vijayaraghavan, who plays the boisterous yet witty Chackola. A hefty scene with the three of them is enjoyable.

    This comedic thriller drama is made even more charming by Gopi Sundar’s background soundtrack and Shaan Rahman’s music direction, which give the film a lively auditory aesthetic.

    When Was the Neymar Movie Released on the OTT Platform?

    Already, the Neymar movie was made available on July 28, 2023. Almost three months after its May 12 theatrical debut, the film is now available on Disney+ Hotstar. ‘Neymar’ reportedly struck a big deal with Disney+Hotstar, an OTT platform, for its digital distribution. Fans were ecstatic when actor Mathew Thomas formally revealed the OTT release date.

    How to Use OTT Platforms to Watch Neymar?

    • Visit Disney+Hotstar’s official website or download the app from the Google Play Store to sign up for updates.
    • Enter your password and user ID to log in. Use your phone number or email address to register for an account if you’re new.
    • After logging in, look through the movie selection to locate “Neymar” among the top films on the website.
    • Look for “Neymar” using the search bar, then choose the movie.
    • Now press the ‘Play’ button to kick back, unwind, and enjoy the movie in your favourite language.

    Final Words

    However, the movie suffers from predictability in a few different ways. There were no shocks in the Pondicherry segments, particularly in the parts where the dog competition is shown. Furthermore, a half-hour cut to the film would have been preferable. Nevertheless, the Neymar movie is worth a light watch if you’re in the mood for some humour and amusement. The audience’s reviews of the movie were good, praising Sudhi Maddison’s direction and the outstanding performances of Matthew Thomas and Naslen as the stars.

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