Pataa Raises $2.5 Million In Seed Funding

    Technology and innovation, this combination has contributed to many new ideas for business start-ups, and currently, the online platform has become a highly supporting factor in it. With an innovative idea, advanced technology, and the super connection power of the online platform, Rajat Jain [Co-founder of Pataa] has launched an app, named Pataa, which is a solution for all the hassles associated with finding any particular address. It is quite a unique idea for an online platform. It can be said that Pataa is a digital map with a wide range of features which made it easy for users to use the app without any complications.

    Investment in Seed Funding

    This completely new start-up has made a $2.5 million investment in Seed Funding. The funding was directed by an association of HNI investors. In addition, Pataa has planned to raise $10 million in the Series A round. According to the company, this investment will be beneficial for achieving the main aim of the business which is proving all Indian people with a digital map that will solve an addressing system problem. As a new start-up online business in the Indian market, Pataa has received an unexpectedly huge positive response from the users. About 7 million individuals have downloaded this app since its launch in May 2021. Gradually, Pataa is focusing on increasing its strategic partnership with the e-commerce companies and others to upsurge the utilization of geo-tagged addresses along with many other features. Rajat Jain, the co-founder of the company has stated that they are aiming to reach their services to more than 50 million families by 2022. The investment of $2.5 million in Seed Funding will be used in developing and enhancing their marketing strategies and new technological features of the application.

    The main aim of this company is to solve issues of the e-commerce companies as well as enhance the online experience of the customers associated with last-mile delivery for e-commerce, logistics companies and hyper-local deliveries. Not finding any particular address, calling customers because of not understating the delivery location, all these problems will be solved now with the help of Pataa. With the help of Pataa, employees will be able to easily find a location without any confusion, even if the locality is completely new, and it will be beneficial to deliver the product at the very first attempt without any hassle. In the coming days, Pataa aims to introduce new features for the app such as the implementation of the latest Aerial Technologies. This technology provides wireless motion analytics software platforms. For instance, one of the latest innovative Aerial technologies is Wi-Fi Sensing. It is a highly efficient technology that is developed specifically for client-less (device-free) locations. With the help of this innovative Wi-Fi Sensing, it will be easy to deliver products and services in healthcare, retail, and hospitality environments. With innovative technologies like this, Pataa aims to decrease the huge last-mile cost suffered by food hailing, logistics, and cab-hailing among many others.

    Key Features of Pataa

    An Easier Explanation for Long Addresses

    Pataa provides an easy landmark marking feature. The main advantage of this feature is that it enables the user to easily mark nearby landmarks based on the address where need to be reached. It helps to easily locate the address. Additionally, whoever will use the app, in order to help them previous users will be able to record their own voices and upload the direction of any address for easy understanding. Same for the remarks. Users will be able to add remarks in order to provide useful details, tips, or instructions to find certain addresses.

    Custom Shortcode

    By utilizing the Pataa app, users will be able to create their own unique and short custom code. For long and complex addresses, it is quite hard to understand and easily find out on online platforms. These customized codes will make this easy for the users and with just one click the users will be able to find out any long and complex address. These codes also make the process of sharing addresses quite easy and convenient.

    More Additional Features

    Pataa enables the users to visualize the real-time navigation of the visitor who is approaching the particular location or address. And not just this, users also will be able to see every in-depth detail of the journey of the visitor and also will be able to guide properly. This app also allows multiple uses of a single extension for a particular address for several users who have the same address; for instance, family members or friends [with proper safety and security measurements]. Another amazing feature of this app is the QR coding of addresses. Embed QR codes in digital address plates, visiting cards, or invitation cards will help to quickly check the location with efficiency.

    Innovative Technologies Associated with Navigation and Logistics

    Along with all these features, Pataa provides high-quality security for the user’s privacy. With Pataa, the user will not need to share their phone numbers with the delivery people. By utilizing the Pataa app, users will be able to commute time effectively. It also ensures that the delivery workforce optimally navigates through the shortest routes and this technique promotes fuel-saving which is quite efficient for environmental purposes. And in addition to all these, Pataa provides 24*7 customer service support for any raised issue.

    These days one of the most issues faced by cab drivers and home delivery service providers is to find out the address properly. Due to this reason cab drivers and home delivery service providers call customers and become late in delivery products or reach the destination. But now with Pataa, all these problems will be solved efficiently. And the way Pataa is investing in businesses with the motto of proving all Indian people with a digital map that will solve addressing system problems, it seems like in the coming future the business will be a great success and on-demand app in the Indian market.

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