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    The automotive industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainability and eco-friendliness in recent years. Electric scooters have emerged as a promising solution to combat ecological problems associated with traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Among the myriad of e-scooters entering the market, Chetak stands out as a symbol of innovation and reliability.

    In this article, we delve into the Chetak electric scooter, exploring its features, benefits, and Chetak on road prices.

    Introduction to Chetak On Road Prices and Features

    Chetak, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, has a rich history of producing iconic vehicles. The reintroduction of the Chetak brand in the form of an electric scooter marks Chetak’s foray into sustainable mobility solutions. Named after the legendary Chetak, which ruled the Indian roads for decades, the electric Chetak aims to blend nostalgia with modern technology. The Urbane and Premium 2024 models consist of the following attributes:

    1. Timeless Design and Premium Build

    Both the Premium and Urbane variants boast a timeless design with a signature LED ring around the headlamp and a sleek fob key, exuding elegance and sophistication. Their solid metal bodies ensure durability, sturdiness, and a premium exterior.

    2. Superior Performance and Handling

    Equipped with advanced suspension systems and superior braking capabilities, both variants offer a comfortable and controlled ride, instilling confidence in every corner. The Chetak’s powerful IPM motor delivers a constant power output of 4 kW and a peak power of 4.2 kW.

    3. Convenience and Utility Features

    The Chetak prioritises rider convenience with features like sculpted alloy wheels, ample storage space, and a front glove box with a USB charging port, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience. Additionally, the Premium variant includes exclusive features such as self-cancelling indicators, sequential blinkers, and a dual-tone leather-stitched seat finish.

    4. Smart Connectivity and Technology

    Both variants embrace smart connectivity with features like smartphone integration, navigation assistance, and Bluetooth connectivity for calls and music playback. The Premium variant offers a premium 5” TFT display, providing better contrast and visibility, while the Urbane variant features an upgraded colour LCD display.

    5. Battery and Range

    While the Urbane variant is equipped with a  2.9 kWh battery pack, the Premium variant offers increased range and performance with its higher capacity battery pack of 3.2 kWh. The Premium variant also boasts a higher top speed of 73 km/h, a 16% increase over the Urbane variant’s 63 km/h.

    6. Ride Modes and Additional Features

    The Premium variant offers two ride modes (Eco and Sport) with distinct display colours for easy identification. The Urbane variant, while offering a single-ride mode, provides a more affordable option without compromising on essential features and performance.

    The on-road price for the Chetak Premium is approximately ₹128,579, and for the Chetak Urbane, it’s around ₹108,858.

    Benefits of Choosing Chetak

    Opting for the Chetak offers numerous advantages, making it a compelling choice for discerning riders. Before discussing the Chetak on road price, let’s have a look at some of these benefits:

    1. Environmentally Friendly

    By switching to an electric scooter like the Chetak, riders can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

    2. Cost Savings

    With the rising fuel prices, electric vehicles offer a cost-effective alternative for daily commuting. The Chetak’s low running costs and maintenance requirements translate into long-term savings for the users.

    3. Convenience

    The Chetak’s fast-charging capabilities and advanced features make it a convenient option for urban commuters. Say goodbye to long queues at petrol stations and hello to hassle-free charging!

    4. Performance

    Despite being eco-friendly, the Chetak doesn’t compromise on performance. Its powerful motor and responsive handling ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

    Chetak has integrated cutting-edge technology into their scooters, enhancing the overall riding experience. From smartphone connectivity to advanced safety features, the Chetak ticks all the boxes.

    Understanding Chetak On Road Price and its Components

    The Chetak on road price refers to the total cost a buyer incurs to drive the vehicle on public roads. It includes various components, such as:

    1. Ex-Showroom Price

    This is the base price of the vehicle, excluding additional charges such as taxes and registration fees. It represents the cost of manufacturing the vehicle and typically varies based on the model, features, and trim level chosen. For Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024, the ex-showroom price will depend on the dealership location and can be checked on Chetak’s official website

    2. Registration Charges

    Every vehicle needs to be registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to obtain a registration certificate (RC). Registration charges vary from state to state and are based on factors such as the vehicle’s cubic capacity, age, and type.

    3. Road Tax

    Road tax, also known as motor vehicle tax, is levied by state governments and is payable at the time of vehicle registration. The amount of road tax depends on factors such as the vehicle’s engine capacity, fuel type, and cost.

    4. Insurance Premiums

    All vehicles in India are required to have valid insurance coverage as per the Motor Vehicles Act. The insurance premium is determined based on factors such as the vehicle’s model, age, usage, and the chosen coverage type (comprehensive or third-party).

    5. Handling Charges

    Some dealerships may levy handling or administrative charges, which cover the cost of paperwork and processing involved in the vehicle purchase. Such charges are also included in the Chetak on road price. 

    6. Accessories and Add-Ons

    If you opt for additional accessories or customisation options, such as alloy wheels, navigation systems, or extended warranty packages, these costs will be added to the Chetak on road price.

    Make the Eco-friendly Transition by Studying Chetak On Road Price

    By understanding the components of Chetak on road price, you can better evaluate your budget and make informed decisions. You should conduct a cost-benefit analysis and decide for yourself if purchasing an electric vehicle is an ideal choice.

    Further, if you require financial assistance to buy the vehicle, you can also avail the necessary loan via Chetak. Check your loan eligibility here to learn more. Explore the Chetak on road price in your city, avail the required funds,  and make the switch to sustainable mobility today!

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